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Canadians - ordering from truenutrition.com ??

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Have any Canadians had any luck ordering from this website? I know it says they Ship to Canada, but I am not sure if it is still worth it once Shipping+handling+duty have been factored in?


If not, any other recommendations? I have been using Vega for years, and while I LOVE it, my bank account does not.. I just bought a house / got engaged and trying to save a few bucks.


Thanks in advance!

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Hi all, I would also like to order on this site, but for some reason, I can not make delivery to Canada, can you advise some service that allows delivery from the U.S. to Canada?

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Hi buddy, I can advise you something Qwintry works by providing customers with a US address where they can ship from us to canada their purchases. Once the goods arrive at the designated U.S. address, Qwintry takes care of forwarding the parcels to the customer's address in Canada. They handle the logistics of international shipping, including customs clearance and shipping arrangements. So, hopefully this will be useful to you.

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