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Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness Strength Table 2013

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Got some new PBs in the end of december at my last meet of the year.

Squat is now 190 kg (though i wanted 200 so bad ) and bench is 115 kg from a few days after the comp.

Wilk's are down a bit because my bw is now at 81 kg but increased strength is most important, I think.

Actually I didn't even gain weight. I just didn't do a water cut before the comp.

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Hey everyone - I've updated the final posts and created a new table for 2014. Find it here:



Mellon, I've updated your lifts and bodyweight. Mini Forklift is once again barely in the lead!


Ross, there really isn't a rule or way to convert DB into BB, as Mellon replied. However, since this is just a casual list, I'm willing to assume your barbell bench is close to the weight on both dumbells. Not everyone has access to the same equipment, so I'm happy to include your dumbell lifts. We can continue the discussion on the 2014 thread linked above if anyone wants, but please post your dumbell lifts anyway and unless there is a large contingent to argue against it I'll allow it.


Please do not post any more replies to this thread, use the 2014 thread instead!


Mods, please lock this thread, but don't delete it. Thanks!

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