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MFⓋ Supplements: Phase I

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Some of you might know that I've been interested in trying to develop a small range of supplements myself (I believed that I could come up with some good products that actually under promised and over delivered)


I've been quietly doing my research and planning for months on end, so it's pretty cool that the first batch of product #1 is finally ready for testing (see pics below). Still going to be a while before the finished version will be ready to roll but I'm looking forward to hearing the results from the guys that are testing it. I've always wanted to have a go at doing this and figured it was time to get my arse into gear and do something about it MF.



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The one above is a Pre-Wo, main point of difference is that I've designed it so that it's actually good for you. It's nourishing for the adrenals, CNS and is safe for either short or long term use. Mental focus, improved bloodwork (if someone were to get tests done before and after using it that should be evident), overall health and wellbeing. I've designed it to also specifically help promote strength, muscular endurance and recovery; liver and blood cleansing properties are also benefits that some people might find to be a nice bonus.


It's definately something that will be useful for strength athletes, in fact the first bunch of guys testing it are hardcore powerlifters. They've each got a two week sample to get through, then depending on the feedback they give me will help me figure out what needs to be improved and refined.

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Thanks guys. Dunno about a line of products, has taken me a year to come up with the first one !!! I don't work at a particularly fast pace...




I'm not doing this to try and make money or anything, TBH I'll probably lose money if anything. I am starting using it from Monday for a month and I'll log my results everyday with no bias for or against it ~ it either works or it doesn't. If it doesn't I just go back to the drawing board, no biggie

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Quick update: So last night was the first night trying out my Pre-WO and I'll admit I'm pretty happy with it. Tasted great, mixed perfectly with pretty much zero sediment left in the bottom of the glass.




Focus through the session was great as was my strength ~ tonight I will use an extra 1/2 teaspoon and see if I can note any difference.

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Quick update:


I'm meeting with the CEO of a NZ supplement company next week to run through this product with him, am hoping it might be something he is interested in formulating on a large scale.


Fingers crossed



Hey MF,


Definitely think there is room on the market for a wider range of quality vegan supplements, hopefully all goes well for ya mate:)


Best of luck


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