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Hello to everyone.


I've been lurking around for a while now and I finally decided to introduce myself and start a log.


First of all a little introduction: I'm from Brazil, vegan for 6 years, 27 years old male.

I'm coming from a strict sedentary regimen in the past 2 years. Late november-2012 I decided to change that and started by changing my diet and creating some space in my day for workouts


I started working out last monday(jan-14-2013) so I'll try to keep a log on what I eat and my training schedule.

My current plan is to bulk up and gain some muscles, I'm a skinny guy with some gut fat.

Current biometrics:

height: 173 cm (5'8")

weight: 64.25 kg (141.64lbs) - I always weigh myself first thing in the morning

biceps: 30 cm ( 11.81 inches ) - cold and relaxed, flexed 90º degree


Workout Plan:

AB training - 5 days a week - A: chest, shoulders, triceps - B: biceps, back, legs

Some light cardio on Sundays

Noob plan, following what the instructor at the gym planned for me

Meal Plan:

2600 kcal

Protein - 170g (0.37 lbs)

Carbs - 340g (0.75 lbs)

Fat - 64.5g (0.14 lbs)

Water - 3L (101 ounces)

Generally I plan the day before what I'm going to eat, and if I missed some calories during the day I eat 1 hour before my sleep. I'm adjusting the calories by weighing myself everyday, since I'm new to this.



As for the title, I'm a Godzilla fan and it keeps me motivated to try to achieve some godzilla strength =)

I'll try to update everyday before my sleep, any help is greatly welcome(even if it is to correct some of my english), thanks =)

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this is what plays when you walk into the gym xD


my initial advise for you would be make sure you hit your legs hard, squats/deadlifts, they are good for gaining muscle and a good trigger for growth hormone


good luck with all of it

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Today I had some trouble sleeping, probably due to the increase in my daily k calories. Even with problems to sleep I managed to get 7 hours of quality sleep.

Eating 2600 kcal is still hard on my last meal of the day, i guess this will only be like this in this start.

I`m still lifting pretty light weights but I try to go to the limit, I was always skinny so I think that, in order to gain some mass, I gotta train harder.



#1 - Soy Protein Shake with Dextrose - 175kcal - 25g protein - 20g carbs - 1g fats

#2 - Rice(50g measured raw), TVP(50g measured raw), green salad with tomatoes, Olive oil extra virgin(30g) - 586kcal - 28.8g protein - 53g carbs - 28g fats

## - Deva Multivitamin after meal #2

#3 - Oats with banana and cinammon - 300kcal - 9.7g proteins - 60g carbs - 4g fats

#4 - Pre-workout - Soy Protein Shake with Dextrose - 175kcal - 25g protein - 20g carbs - 1g fats

#5 - Post-workout - Soy Protein Shake with Dextrose - 283kcal - 33g protein - 40g carbs - 1.4g fats

#6 - Rice(50g measured raw), TVP(50g measured raw), black beans(130g measured cooked), Olive oil extra virgin(15g) - 819kcal - 60g protein - 138g carbs - 2.8g fats

#7 - 1 apple - 116kcal - 0.5g protein - 30.8g carbs - 0.4g fats


Total achieved:


180g protein

364g carbs

59g fats

3.4 liters of water


The numbers in the meals are a little mixed up, but the totals estimates are correct.



B: biceps, back, legs

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more fruit

I'm trying to eat less dextrose and more fruit already, but dextrose is something which I can prepare 'on the run' with some protein powder, much more simple.

Normally I eat 3 bananas and one different fruit everyday.

( I love bananas )

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Nice day. Lots of energy!



- Tired today, I will jsut post a pic of my lunch and the totals =)


A nice, complete, three colored salad with rice, seitan(gluten), whole grain vegan pizza and some olives.


Total achieved:


202g protein

340g carbs

63g fats

3.5 liters of water



A: chest, shoulders, triceps, abs




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Thanks for the support =)


I'm trying to follow PoPe's suggestion to eat more fruits and stop using dextrose. My plan is to use only fruits, but when I'm at work I am unable to mix the protein powder with fruits, so the dextrose comes handy in this case.

I recently bought some flavored Sunwarrior(currently I'm taking unflavored isolate soy protein) so I can just shake the protein and take it 'alone' and eat the fruit separately.


Apart from that I'm also seeking highly proteic vegan food options, so far I'm sticking to seitan, TVP and Tofu.

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if your up for more pope suggestions, i'd recommend loads more green leafy veg, and some kind of hemp product and spirulina. what's more important than "getting enough protein" to grow, is to have a body that can efficiently assimilate what you put in it. you probably don't need as much protein as your currently taking, but alkalizing your body with the green stuff will help with everything in general not just muscle growth


keep stretching

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PoPe Thanks for the suggestion!!!

Actually I eat green leaves, but I generally dont log them. I eat about 200grams of spinach/kale/some other dark green leaf, do you think I should eat more?


Hemp produts in Brazil are non existent, and importing is expensive, what would be the beneficts to my health? This month I already bought SunWarrior Protein and Spirulina is my next target =)

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yaa that's cool, kale and spinach are my favourites. im no nutrition expert, but i know plenty of fruit and veg and your on to a winner i'll leave the quantity up to you, i would just keep it in balance with everything else


well if my info serves me correct, hemp has a near enough complete package of essential fatty acids and amino acids.



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PoPe, your input is deeply appreciated, you are always welcome here! Thanks for all the good info for a newbie =D

Fatty acids I`m getting from seeds, nuts and olives and complete package of essential aminoacids from Quinoa, but when I get the chance I`ll look for some hemp based product.


The only supplements I`m taking right now are the protein isolates(soy based now, moving on to Sunwarrior afterwards), dextrose to add a little flavor to the protein and a daily Deva multivitamin, just to make sure I didn't miss anything during the day. The rest is all vegs(a lot) and not a lot of fruits ( always 3 bananas and some other fruit ).

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Woke up with lots of energy after two days of pure rest. Diet is going ok, didn`t could calories and macros today, but I think I reached all of them.

Today my main meal was Quinoa + Carrots + TVP, delicious and proteic =)



B: biceps, back, legs + abs

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Woke up with a sore throat and a light fever, not a good way of starting the day. To avoid the cold from the air conditioning I called in sick to work and managed to get rid of the fever by staying in bed. By 7pm I was feeling good enough to hit the gym =)

Felt pretty weak by the end, but I managed to do all the sets and reps without lowering the weights.



- Lots of rice, quinoa and TVP

- Oats with banana, cinnamon and some flavorless soy protein isolate .

Total achieved:


163g protein

367g carbs

70g fats

2.5 liters of water



A: chest, shoulders, triceps, abs

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As I said previously, I`m still with a sore throat and a light fever. My body feels incredibly lazy, that didn't stop me from going to the gym yesterday but today I decided not to go today and compensate by going Saturday morning. I tried to go to work, but asked to leave early as I wasn't feeling well.


I deeply appreciate all input here, specially PoPe's. Man, I will try my best to eat large amounts of fruits and incorporate a green smoothie(powered by oranges, banana, kale and broccoli) in my breakfast. Just trying to figure out a nice recipe.


Tomorrow I will call in sick again and rest to hit the gym by 8pm.


So that's it, just my thoughts today.


Thanks guys =)

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