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maybenot's training log

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My form wasn't bad, was terrible! =)


If you could tell me my mistakes in the first part of the video (55kg) it would help me a lot.

Also, any tips on keeping the form while lifting heavy?

This was the first time I tried to lift heavy and it was hell difficult.

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My gym only plays horrible music, but as I`m the first one to arrive there and I`m always alone there while training now ( I`m going to the gym first thing in the morning ) I take my own USB drive with a good playlist


The music was Dark Insanity by Arch Enemy. I just love Angela Gossow ( vocals, blond, hot and vegan )


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Hello there mrbear, I`m still lurking around.


It is cold in Brazil right now, so it is bulking season!

I plan to bulk until 2016 now, so I`ve been busy eating everything in sight.

Started Stronglifts 5x5 to get a little stronger in order to optimize my gains =)


I`ve been following your journal, you are really turning into a bear!

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good glad to see you havent disappeared mate


sounds like a good plan there pal, cant beat be able to eat everything in sight......i hate dieting will you be going to any of the world cup games?


haha thanks mate, im almost as hairy as a bear now too

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I won`t be going nowhere near world cup games. I hate soccer games, specially big ones.

And even if I wanted, I don`t know anyone who managed to buy a ticket. I have a lot of friends who tried, but there were almost no tickets for brazilians, they had a sort of lottery to decide who could buy the tickets.


You are not just hairy, you are getting big.

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