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What's your diet like?


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Just wondering what you all eat on training days vs non training days? Do you all take any supplements/protein powders/ or are you solely about food?


I tend to eat more carbs on days that I lift, but I ride my bike everywhere so that's not a hard and fast rule. I also try to not eat sweets on non-training days, but I work at a vegan bakery so sometimes that is tough.


Any ideas on how many calories you get on training days/non training days?

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That's a bulker's dream, right there! I hope you get a good discount! Or maybe even get to take home the stuff that's going to get thrown out? I'd be huge if I worked at a bakery...


As far as my meals go, they are pretty much the same every weekday, regardless of whether I work out or not.

Full bowl of muesli or milled multigrain hot cereal

1/2 cup mixed nuts

mixed beans, quinoa, mixed raw vegs, tempeh

mixed beans, quinoa, mixed raw vegs, tempeh

mixed beans, quinoa, mixed raw vegs, tempeh (I make enough for 3 full plates and eat it throughout the day at work)

some fruit throughout the day, 3-4 pieces

often a large sweet potato for dinner, or whatever my wife has cooked up, but usually not a whole lot and sometimes I am so tired I skip it.


I don't take any supplements outside of a little added flax oil to my cereal and b12 once a week or so. On the weekends I just eat whatever I want whenever I'm hungry, no structure. I actually tend to eat less on the weekends than weekdays, but that's not on purpose.

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My days are a little off since school is all over the place, but I usually take in this:

1 cup of oatmeal, TBSP peanut butter, banana and Almond milk with coffee.

Clif bar

Vega meal shake with a scoop of vegan proteins+ (water or almond milk)

At school: 2 sandwiches, tofurkey, avocado, spinach

Snack: Clif bar, or a bunch of fruit

Tons of water

Pasta or a rice stirfry with at least half a pound of tofu. Make extras for the next day.

Protein before bed with toast and peanut butter with a banana.


Something like that.

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You hit 3500-4000 kcals with that? Man, it seems like I am eating all day and can barely hit 3500. The only time I am usually hungry is in the morning when I wake up and before my first lunch if I get busy at work and don't cook it early enough. I can't imagine eating more, unless I cut out some of the quinoa and beans and just start downing spoons of peanut butter.


Actually, it's also in part probably due to the 5 cups of chopped veggies I eat every day. I could probably pack in more calories if I cut down on that and ate more calorie dense foods, but I'd rather not.

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Actually, it's also in part probably due to the 5 cups of chopped veggies I eat every day. I could probably pack in more calories if I cut down on that and ate more calorie dense foods, but I'd rather not.


I think that's part of it too. I think half a cup of veggies is only 25-50 cal, at least the frozen beans that I have are. The easiest way for me to wrap my head around it was to think of myself as a machine, and in order for me to get bigger I have to give myself calories in my macros. If it means eating a cup of rice with a cup of brown beans, I'm fully okay with that. That meal actually rules.


Use a site called cronometer. Its super easy to use and will calculate your macros and micros to the T.

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Yeah, I'm not so concerned with my macros and micros, as long as I'm getting enough vitamins and such. When I first set out on the strength training I wrote up a whole spreadsheet with all the different possible foods that I would eat and figured out my macros, but I haven't checked it in probably a year, considering my diet has remained mostly constant for at least that long, adding in a bit more beans/quinoa/nuts each time I noticed needing more fuel. It's definitely the bulk in the veggies that makes me feel fuller after meals and keeps my calorie density a little lower.


I hear you on the rice and beans, definitely an awesome combo. I used to do rice and beans before I switched to quinoa and beans. I like the quinoa better because it has a bit more protein, although less carbs. However, I think it is a bit more difficult to digest - I definitely find myself gassier due to it. I also do a mix of beans - garbanzo, pinto, black, green lentils, split peas. For my 3 lunches combined, I eat about 1.5 cups quinoa and 2-2.5 cups beans every day, 5 cups chopped veggies, along with a 1/2 lb block of tempeh. That's at least 100 g protein there and 250 g carbs, but is a substantial volume of food. I definitely feel full after each plate. If I cut out some of the veggies, I could do a bit more of the denser stuff but prefer to keep my veggie intake high (they're good for you!).

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I focus on food. I try to always include protein-rich foods in every meal. Soy milk, soy yoghurt, quinoa, tofu, beans, chipeas, lentils, TVP.


I use creatine, algae oil (for omega 3: EPA and DHA), vitamin d (i live far north) and some soy protein in morning smoothies.

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Well... Shit to be honest. On my current take away food diet, I manage to take in about 3-3500 kcal a day, a lot of which consists of falafel, chocolate chip cookies, marzipan, bread, some pizza and vegan sushi inbetween. Every now and then some fruit and veggies as well. Seriously if I didn't work out I'd just be obese.

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Definitely take a look at the training journals threads, specifically the ones where people are training or competing for a specific event or sport. That's a great place to find more of what you are looking for, it's been helpful for me.



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Fruits (often bananas, pears, apples, grapes) and/or 1-2 cup soygurt, water

Breakfast (after work-out):

3-7 cups soygurt with pea protein, 1-1½ cup gluten-free corn & buckwheat flakes, fruits (as above mostly), home-baked gluten-free bread with margarine, water


yesterdays dinner with pea protein, fruits and water


bowl of rice with spices and pea protein


Nuts, fruits, seeds, water (alone or in combo)


Greens, beans, rice, potatoes, soyproducts (dried soyproducts), nuts, pea protein... varies.



Evening meal:

Left-overs and/or fruits, nuts, seeds.


Direct after every work-out; no matter if it's gym, running session, yoga/bodyweight exercise... I always eat fruits and nuts.


EDIT: Alas, I'm not strict with my intake of shitty stuff, such as candy, cakes, fizzy soda drinks.

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Training days and non-training days are pretty similar for me, they don't really change a lot. I basically just eat when I am hungry, make sure I am getting a wide range of varied foods, lots of colours, plenty of healthy fats/EFA's etc. I've more or less cut out the protein shakes I used to take after I had finished a workout and I haven't noticed any negative effect on recovery (apart from feeling less bloated lol).


Something like this would be a pretty standard day for me...



1.5l water



Muesli, 1 x pear, 1 x tbsp pea protein, almond milk



Coffee • Long black

2 x tsp coconut oil



Large salad w baby spinach, kale, cherry tomatoes, capers, beetroot, carrot & cashew nuts

Chickpea curry w quinoa



Juice ~ Carrot, apple, pomegranate, kale, goji and ginger

Trail mix

1 x tsp coconut oil



Vegan quaesadilla w salsa & jalapeno's

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Hey folks, I've just written a post exploring how much protein is required for plant-based athletes to optimize performance. Clearly, this will depend on a number of factors but I wanted to get a feel for how many grams of protein per kg/pound body weight the lifters out there are consuming? Is 2g protein per kg bodyweight the golden rule for strength athletes. And, if so, what is your chosen primary plant based protein? Be awesome to have some views to feed into the post http://www.plantpoweredathlete.com/vegans-protein-deficient/

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I was reading you shouldn't go over 1.8.


I'll use fake-meat like ground round, burgers and sausage because they are very high in protein. I use Natural Factors Vegan protein because it's a simple blend without soy, not very high protein for one scoop but add it to my muesli cereal with soy bev. I hate stevia so cane sugar is preferred if sweetened. I also get protein from breads, pasta, and other food.


Robert Cheeke said he would eat 18 veggie dogs a day plus protein shakes back in the day, then said he cut his protein and made more gains. I went to 3 of Roberts talks, Go if you haven't, he seem's to be a fan of sweet potatoes.

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