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Whats the worst thing you shouldn't eat but do?


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I read an article from the main page of this site about abs and the author said her cheat was coconut water. I just don't get how something that is generally considered so healthy (only available in health food shops, at least here) could be considered bad and to be avoided. It makes me feel like I'll never get the results I want because I'm not prepared to restrict my diet even more than I already do (my mum and boyfriend are frustrated as if they cook they find me far too picky with no sugar, no wheat or refined carbs as well as being strictly vegan).


I'm generally pretty good at not succumbing to temptation when at home or shopping but now there is so much choice for vegans I find I can't resist a cupcake or similar treat if I'm near a vegan shop (fortunately I don't live near one!).

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where do i start...




have replaced ketchup for sugar free ketchup,


I love veganiase a bit too much...


and cookies..its hard to say no when people go out of there way to make me them.. thats my excuse anyway..


oh and pizza,

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At the moment I live 2 minutes from a vegan fast food burger place... and falafel is everywhere. Berlin has reopened the world of cheap takeaway food for me. I thought I'd left those days behind, in Scotland I have to cook everything from scratch. :/ can't say I'm not loving it though.

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Fried potato products.... Hot Chips, Hash browns etc

Peanut Butter, a little is ok, but I struggle with a little....

Peanut butter is something you shouldn't eat?! Blasphemy.


Ha ha... Everything in moderation...

Put it this way, if you lock me and a jar of peanut butter in a room, only one of us will come out...

Trouble is, this can happen in about 15 mins...

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