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Did I lose too much weight


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Long time lurker first time poster.


I am 23/M/5'7 and weight 115LB. I was 150LB in Aug'12 and started to work out and bike on daily basis, to lose my belly fat and now I feel, I lost too much weight. I could lift a lot more than before but shouldn't I weight a little bit more since muscle weights more than fat? I wan't to bring my weight to 125 and was wondering whats the healthy way to do it? I could gain weight if I start to eat unhealthy again, but that will go straight to the belly. I want to gain more mass but don't know how. I use NitroFusion protein after each workout with a almond milk. I recently bought Metrx Ultramyosyn Whey amazon had it on sale a few weeks ago.


I've done some research online and was told to increase carb intake, eat more almonds, peanuts since those are considered healthy fats.

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You have the opposite problem that I have.


If you are lifting a lot it shouldn't go to your gut.

If you eat more healthy foods then you will still be feeding your muscles.

I would avoid the cardio though besides a little walking.

Maybe try lifting heavy and eating more nuts and tofu?

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