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Looking for a non-tofu vegan egg recipe


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Anyone have one? I like eggs. I mean really like them. I like them sunny-side up and runny. I know many of you are already super grossed out. But I rarely eat them now. I do the tofu scrambles but I don't really like them too much. Anyone have any other recipes or options for breakfast like or egg like dishes other than tofu based scrambles?

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Here are a few ideas...


In Ani Phyo's RAW food basics, she has scrambles that rely on almonds that have been soaked overnight. You pulse them in a food processor until you get the texture you want. This isn't going to simulate your runny yolk egg, but it could be good for burritos.


I've also seen a quite a few vegan food blogs lately featuring Socca. It's a French crepe made from chickpea flour. It can be stuffed like an omelet. this is a nice high protein option.


I'm going to think some more about this at work today... I'm a chef... and I'll try to come up with some more ideas.




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There are lots of recipes out there for vegan eggs benedict. It includes tofu... but not necessarily scrambled. It might give the 'runny' texture you are missing. I haven't tried any of them yet so don't know if they are good.


And just googling it... apparently Vegan Essentials carries something called the 'Vegg'. (an egg yolk replacer). I don't know if it is just for baking tho.

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