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stomach excersises


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I'm sure there will be a post on here about this but....


The only part of my body that has excess weight is my stomach, its not even that i have a gut its just that the rest of my body is lean and really starting to take shape through following the 5x5 program with together with cardio and working out 2/3 times a week over the last 3 months. My stomach on the other hand just seems to stay the same, and I feel like I need to be adding some kind of 'stomach smashing' elements to my workouts. Here's what Ive started this week.


3x15 on the 'captains chair' with each work out


3 x 15 sets each direction on the twisty machine (fuck knows what its called the one that twists your your stomach that you kneel in!)


also switched deadlift for pull ups on my 5x5's



what else could I be doing? I dont have the stomach strength to do unaided sit ups at home, but should I be doing jacknifes and the plank like 3 sets twice a day or what, any tips from folk that have achieved their washboard goals?



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Your body fat distribution is most effected by genetics. Unfortunately your body prefers to hold fat in the abdominal area... so you will lose it there last, and you will gain it there first. The last 10lbs are often reported to be the hardest to lose - diet and exercise are key. Unfortunately it is well known that spot training does not work to get rid of fat... but it will give you more strength and muscle in that location.


Natasha Turner.. a Naturopath, says "Extra belly fat can indicate one or more of the following hormonal imbalances: high estrogen, low testosterone, low DHEA (a hormone of the adrenal glands), high insulin and high cortisol."


I've not researched it, so can't say how valid I think her statement is but I mention it in case you think it is worth looking into.


Turner suggests the following solutions:


- Eat more protein to balance blood sugars (I personally also recommend whole grain vs refined)

- Get more quality sleep (7-8hrs) to decrease cortisol/stress and to increase growth hormones

- Flax & chia seeds can help to lower estrogen levels

- For testosterone production … make sure your are getting enough zinc

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I agree with everything Stcalico said. You can't target fat reduction by working a specific body part. Working out your stomach is going to make the muscles bigger which could make you look like you have a gut (counter productive). In order to lean out your stomach you're going to have to really track your diet and make sure it's perfect.

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I can relate. My last bit of fat is always in the gut. As the others have said, there is no way to isolate fat loss via exercise but it sure as hell would be nice if we could. For me to get my stomach to flat I have to get my body fat down in the low teens and the only way to do that is have your diet and exercise completely dialed in.

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