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Yioo! From Quebec!


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Hello VeganBB community! ^_^


I'm Charles, 24, from Québec/ Canada.


Here some of my story:

In the early 2012 i started to question my diet, informed myself and started to take away meats.

Then i got vegetarian for a while then turned back to omni with low meat intake, i was training a lot too. I wanted to travel the world, so did i.

But after only one week, i got badly injured. The police found me on the ground and i don't remember nothing about this due to a minor concussion. They said i fell from three stairs(on a videotape i didn't see).., i'm still asking for proof on that, i'm really sceptical about all that story. So Yeah.., fratured tibia(now with titanium rod!), three broken ribs, pneumothorax and minor bleeding spleen, plus the concussion and some scratches. Got reanimated and been to the hospital for one week for that.


Back to Québec for reabilitation, i self-educated myself a lot. Researching on lots and lots of topics until i decided to really go deep into nutrition. From animal cruelty to MotherEarth's destruction which are the two main reasons i'm Vegan now. I stumped upon one of the biggest problems we face today on this planet, the way we eat really affects intensively All Life.

I turned Vegan right away and learned a lot on the subject non-stop. I got amazed of the Health's benefits it procures and since i was practicing bodybuilding, i made some researches for that as well and found this website and Robert Cheeke.

I read his book Vegan Bodybuilding&Fitness which is an awesome and inspiring book from the beginning to the end of it!

Knowledge is Power and i will use it well!


I'm now completely healed from the injuries and will start the Vegan Training in 2 weeks.~

I just can't wait to lift weights and feel the pump, ahww! the good feeling!!!


For body infos:

I'm 5' 10" height, when i started weight training in december 2010 i was 145lbs, got to 172lbs 7%bf in 2012 then dropped to 150lbs right now.

Plan on getting back big and strong, Vegan Style this time! New Start, Pure Plant-powered Muscles! ^^


Nice to meet you all Vegan Bros and Sis!

Hope we can have a great time here.

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Hi Zao!


I'm glad to find that you come from quebec too. like you said in my intro, a french vegan/fitness group could be interesting...! I dont have found yet... because i'm still new into that kind of way of life and didn't connect yet with new peoples here. even going at new place like a gym was a big step for me. I prefer woods, mountains, gardens, farm and hit the roads on bicycle and feets. but it is not there I will found others vegan... hehe! And you... where did you go for travel ? it look hard times having go through ... Are you good enough now to do your favorite sport ?

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Wow your story sounds crazy like straight out of a movie where something happened, and you have no memory of the event, and you are told that something different happened to you than what actually happened. I'm sorry that it happened sounds very tramatic, but its a very interesting tale.

Welcome to the group here. I'm glad you found us and after hearing your story and your wants and goals I think you came to a very helpful place here in this forum. Hope to hear more from you. Keep pushing!



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