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Preparing Frozen Spinach

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I just cooked myself a whole block of frozen spinach the other day and, man, was that good. I'm about to go make another.


I'm having difficulty thawing out that block efficiently and cleanly though. I keep taking the block and sitting it in warm water, draining it, and returning hot water to the bowl its in until it thaws. I suppose I could try microwaving it or boiling it, but boiling water takes a while.


What is the best/fastest way to take a frozen block of spinach and make it edible?

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Put the block in the fridge the night before to start the thawing process. It might be still somewhat frozen when you go to use it by dinner time, but your water method will work much faster. If you didn't plan ahead, then microwaving it on defrost for a couple minutes will work.

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