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my first show

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so i decided to have a online journal of my progress for my first mens physique show.i got alot of bodyfat to lose so i'm gonna be working my booty off.will be posting my workouts and what i eat.this is my last week of eating any kind of cheat meal so tonight will be a feast lol about to hit the gym will post workout in a bit

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hello everyone just working my way into stage shape i have 12 weeks not counting peak week.will post my progress along the way



right now i'm into week 3 of shredd program and have my eating on point no cheat meals.going to be slowly cutting down fats and carbs each week.





long as i have my abs showing i will be doing this show and if you watch the video yup i have some body hair not gonna shave it yet till closer to show time.the video is where i'm at now.happy training guys

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