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Where am I going wrong? What should I do now?


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I'm on a fat loss mission.

The scale hasn't changed.

My strength is good.

Pants are looser.

I'm shooting for 2 to 1.5 lbs per week loss.

But scale is stuck.

It's been a month and a half.




6' 2"

229.5 lbs

25% BF



Mon: Chest and Tri's

Tuesday 30min Walk

Wednesday: Bi's and Back

Thursday: 30min Walk

Friday: Legs, Squats, Shoulders, Abs etc.

Saturday: 30min walk

Sunday: Rest or walk.




Mon: 1316

Tuesday: 1316

Wednesday: 1645

Thursday: 1206

Friday: 3200

Saturday: 1645

Sunday: 1645


DIET (90% Organic)



1/2 Cup Oat Meal

28gms of Peanuts or Walnuts

Some rasperries.



Baby Carrots




7 oz Tofu

Huge Salad

Olive Oil etc.



Energy Bar


Dinner (Depends):

Stir fry Veggies with 6/7oz Tofu



Sprouted Corn Tortillas

6/7oz Tofu. Depending on Calories left.

Salsa, Olives, Cabbage etc.


Over all I get about 110 Carbs / 85 to 100 Grams of Protein daily.




Should I do more Walking? (Running and HTIT hurts my knee). I've done a TON of reading online and maybe I should do more cardio. But my calories are already low and cardio makes me SOOO hungry. I'm afraid to raise the calories though. My muscle gains have been outrageous! Should I ditch the splurge day?


What is your best bet?


Thanks a million!


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You can up the fat too. You don't necessarily have to up just the protein. But you should lower the carbs so that you body doesn't use carbs for energy. If you lower the carbs your body will transition towards using your fat for energy but your carb levels need to be low to do that. Also, try not to eat carbs before bed.

You can try periods of 16 hours where you don't eat anything, and then the remaining 8 hours you eat. This will allow your body to go into a catabolic state where it flushes things out so that it can replace materials that need to be replaced.

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You really have to work yourself hard to lose fat. Walking ain't gonna cut it. If you're going to walk, make sure you really push yourself. As for your knee pain, cardio doesn't have to involve running or walking. You just have to do some repeated and strenuous movement to get your heart-rate up. You can be creative about it. I would go on YouTube and search for "low impact cardio". There's tons of videos on there that you can do at home. You can also try swimming or other types of water workouts if you have a pool available to you. That's pretty hard cardio and no impact.


As for the hunger, well, I wish I had your problem. Haha! I ignore my hunger all the time and lose weight without thinking about it. I hear that drinking glasses of water can help make your stomach feel full. If this doesn't work, try eating a little bit of fruit to give your gut some fiber to work on.

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