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How Much Fat Should I Get and How Can I Get It?

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Lately, I've been trying to shape a better nutritional regiment. I've been focusing on trying to get more fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts in me and I'm eating brown rice to supplement the calories. It's a decent start but I'm having a problem with fat.


I'm 6', 140 lbs and I can tell I seriously need to get more fat in my diet. I'm really scrawny. I've been trying to shove nuts in my mouth when I can and I'm getting an avocado in here and there but I feel like I need to make a more focused effort on getting fat on a daily basis. I need a plan.


So my question is how much fat should I be eating? I can only think to eat nuts, seeds, and avocados at this point. Are those my only options? And how much of this stuff should I be eating on a daily basis?

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Coconut, coconut milk. Olive oil for cooking in or use in salad dressings. Nut butters. Omega 3 supplement.. or just flax, chia or hemp seeds which all have omega 3s. You can add them to health shake or use as a salad topping.


You should be getting about 20% of your calories from fats. Muscles are fine working with proteins and carb but your brain needs fat to function properly.

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Coconut milk/meat is one of the only plant based foods that has saturated fat, so watch your intake of it.

Cooking oil/oils is 100% fat, and while it will pack on fat, there is much healthier fat, like fatty fruits and veggies, and nuts. nut butters will do the trick.

Chia seeds have more omega 3s than salmon (oz for oz), hemp seeds are great for cooking with or blending. I blend with chia seeds and hemp, but stay away from

flax seeds and especially flax oil as they are phytoestrogens.


According to Dr Campbell (the china study; MIT/Oxford/Cornell), Dr Furhman (eat to live), and dr graham (80-10-10) you should only be eating around 10% of your daily calories from fat.

Walnuts are awesome for your brain, as are chia seeds. Get your 10% of fat from the most potent and awesome fatty nuts, seeds and vegetables.

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