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Vegan Aspirant for Amazonian strength and physique

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Back day


Very quick warm-up: 1 min running at 16 kmp on treadmill



Conventional deadlift:

20 kg: 12 reps

25 kg: 12 reps

30 kg: 12 reps

35 kg: reps


^^ Sheer technique work out and no real resistance involved. I've been avoiding conventional deadlifts in favour of stiff leg deadlifts because I tend to arch on my upper back in the conventional version, when going down with the weight. This is due to a mixture of inadequate technique and lack of strength in upper back. I hate working with p*ssy weights, so I just have to keep reminding myself "form over ego".



Bent over barbell:

30 kg: 12 reps

35 kg: 12 reps

40 kg: 12 reps

45 kg: 10 reps



Dumbbell rows:


16 kg: 12 reps

18 kg: 12 reps

20 kg: 12 reps

22 kg: 10 reps

24 kg: 2x 6 reps




Lateral cable pull down:

40 kg: 12 reps

40 kg: (8 reps followed by 4 reps of 35 kg) x 3



Seated cable pull with narrow grip:

4 x 12 at 25 kg


Really have to step my game up on this on... At one point I could do 55 kg! This less than half, sad sad sad! On the other hand better than nothing and gives me opportunity to perfect my technique, but ughh it's still annoying!

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Slight update:


Haven't worked out for about 4 weeks due to domestic circumstances. Weight is consistent at 80-85 kg. It appears I've lost some muscle mass in my upper body area and I'm pretty sure strength too.


I'm still vegetarian, almost 4 months into it. Have been bumps on the road and moral setbacks, but have as of yet not ingested meat of any kind. Still eat dairy and eggs but in total makes up a very small part of my diet and I practically never drink milk or eat dairy/eggs on their own.

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Hi VA,


its a bit strange you've lost size after a 4 week layoff, atrophy usually takes much longer, did you cut calories or lose any weight in during that period?

At the beginning of this year i was forced to take a 5 week layoff due to being away with work, on returning to the gym not only had i not lost strength or size, i'd even gained some / overcompensate




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