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Which Fruits are Best?

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So I've been trying to incorporate more fresh fruit in my diet. I was out shopping the other day and realized that some fruit is way more expensive than others. A case of raspberries costs $4 while an apple or banana might be less than a dollar.


I understand I should probably eat a variety of fruits but I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a core set I can stick to in order to get proper nutrition. I love my raspberries and blueberries but at $3-4 dollars for a large handful, I think I need to put my wallet first.


Will I be losing out on something if I skip these types of berries? What should I make sure to eat?

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I think all fruits are good. As you already mentioned... variety is probably key. Fresh berries are more expensive, but you can get them much cheaper frozen.. especially when they are not in season. They lose little of their nutritional value when frozen. Frozen fruit goes well in a health smoothie. I'll sometimes buy a fresh watermelon or pinapple and chop up and freeze half of it since I can't eat it that fast. I'll also chop/freeze bananas that are getting past the ripe where I like them.


I've read that many of the 'berry' fruits have higher levels of antioxidants than other fruit, so may be good to incorporate them here and there, but the other fruits will have micro nutrients that the berries may not.... so that's why I recommend variety.

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The links below could be helpful for you. The first one is a chart that shows nutrients in different fruits like potassium, vit a and c, protein, etc. It doesnt cover everything but it gives a lot of info. The 2nd link shows the different vit b's and some other categories that aren't in the first chart.








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