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Ordering Vegan protein in Europe, 2013

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Hi, I'm new to the forum --and I've recently relocated to Europe.


When I was in Canada, a large percentage of my diet consisted of "Vega Sport" protein powder. I bumped into a professional rugby player here in France (by chance) and I was a bit surprised to hear that he orders the same stuff delivered, all the way from Canada, partly because it is cheaper than veg. options produced in Europe.


The guy wasn't an expert, and he had arrived here recently himself, but that seemed to me a worrying sign. He gets dehydrated pea-protein delivered from Canada? There must be better (or more cost effective) options, no?


If there are any members based in Europe (or in France specifically),

(1) Hi, I'm happy to meet you,

(2) What are you ordering in terms of vegan protein powder/supplements?


Be as specific as you care to be, but I'd be happy to know the particular website you're ordering from, etc., if you're willing to share details.




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Hi Zel,


if you speak german try www.proteinmixer.com

You can create your own vegan blend there. But they need a lot of time for delivery even in Germany.

UK based www.myprotein.com delivers international too and they have a vegan blend and the search finds some vegan products too.

Sorry, as I don't speak french I did never look for an online-shop there.


By the way, how is it, to be a vegan in France? When I was on short vacation in Paris, it was difficult for me.





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Overall, it is amazing to me how few people are involved in bodybuilding / weightlifting in France (or… in the South of France specifically?).


In the last few days, I visited huge shopping malls, and several specific shops for health supplements (in the fairly big city of Montpellier)…


…and they had no protein even for meat-eating bodybuilders.


This was strange to me. It probably reflects (in part) what a large percentage of their customers are elderly people (the "aging population" phenomenon of Europe generally). It may also reflect the extent to which the French still have magical beliefs about health and protein.


I met a man who told me directly (as an eye-witness and participant) about French athletes going to the slaughterhouse to drink cow-blood directly from the cow. I think his experience with this was probably 20 years ago, but still…


…even the medical professionals I've spoken to here have very "magical" beliefs about food and health…


…and extremely few people seem to buy or sell protein supplements of any kind (even in the major cities here).

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Hi, i'm form Belgium and tried the "vegan blend" from Myprotein. It's a good item and it do well its job. I also bought their wheatgrass powder (cause i can't do my own now) and it's good too (for a powder).

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Hi Mika,


I'm now (sigh) dependent on Vega Sport once again (imported from Canada!).


The price is okay: I order in large quantities (etc.).


A very small percentage of men here in the South of France are in "good health" at all --and I find that women here are desperate to talk to me (and/or stare longingly at me) even when I look like shit (and am exhausted, don't want to flirt, etc.). I really think that this part of the world is still trapped in a "diet" and "lifestyle" from the 1930s: cigarettes, alcohol, meat, etc. --and most people look withered and sickly at a remarkably early age.

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I live in Finland and I order supplements from iherb.com. They ship really fast and the price level is approximately half of the price level here in Finland (incl. shipping and tax).



I was literally just about to say the same thing. I don't live in Finland, but I know someone who does and she told me about how good iherb was. I've made about 6 orders with them (I'm in Canada though), and have yet to have an issue with them

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pulsin.co.uk - their pea protein is much better than others, although it's a bit more expensive. Other cheap pea proteins are made in China and they taste awful. Stay away from bulk powders - I ordered a 2.5 kg bag and it was awful. They also have hemp protein, which I think is a side product from cold pressed hemp oil - it's basically the slush that's left. I havent tried it, as I prefer whole hemp seed.


I'd also try amazon.co.uk, as they stock Pulsun's powders too and I don't imagine it will be that hard to get it delivered in France. I use a courier that has an UK based office and delivers to my country every week.

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