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My new website ~ feedback please!

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So what do you all think?




Still playing around with a few things and the music will be changed regularly lol. If you scroll down on any of the pages you will hopefully notice a little 'V' towards the bottom right corner. Click on that and the user will be taken straight to this forum


Any comments, suggestions please feel more than welcome to post them here or use the contact page on the site if you prefer. Hopefully as the site grows it will also serve to grow this one as well. Chur chur MF.

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haha was just thinking earlier, MF must be up to some tricks when hadn't seen ya post for a day or two


Site looks good, I aint a fan of music in the background so huge plus the the stop button is easy to see.

The bio could be expanded a bit more.....would be nice to know more details of your story

Nit picking here, but does 'Vegetarian power lifting phenom' look better with capital P's?


Great job on it so far tho, everything loads in a flash which is crucial

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Visually it looks great, really clean, not too busy. You may have to mix it up a bit if you end up putting banner ads up in the future. I like that the music is continuous transitioning from page to page. I also like that the pause button is right there in clear view so that if you dont like the music you dont have to search forever to turn it off.

Congrats about getting into australian mens fitness by the way!



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