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3 meals per days or 6 ?

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Hi !

After working out at a gym with a friend, he showed me his meal's plan for a day. And it was about 6 meals. Along the discovery of bodybuilding on the net, many people say they eat less and more often, either vegan or not.


I'm wondering about why (and may I need it)

and if it is not that bad that I eat 3 meals for the sake of convenience in every day working schedule.


thank you!

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It all depends on your goals really, for example I want to build strength muscle but don't really like the idea of 6 meals a day, so for a compromise I'll eat 3 large meals and have 3 snacks in between the meals including a protein shake in the morning and before bed.

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My goals are getting more strenght and more muscular mass over all but more in the back, legs and abs.


i've search for anabolic and catabolic in the homeostasy balance in the body.

the quantities of food and protein needed and when we need it and their effect on the hormones secreted in the body.


Well I will focus on getting enough proteins through energy ball or bar (home made) between three good meals, and a protein shake 30-60 min after the big workout. that is a compromise between 3 and 6 meals I gess.


Thanx for sharing your ways of doing. it gave me a good idea !

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It doesn't really matter.


For the amount of food I eat, having three meals would mean three huge meals and I would find it a chore to eat, so I spread it out over six throughout the day.


On the other hand some people find it annoying having to eat six or seven times a day..


Up to you really.

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