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Hello everyone.


Have spent the last couple of days reading this board and have really enjoyed all of your posts.


I've been a member of this board before (some years ago). I was vegan- high end raw, and felt great.

Unfortunately I went back to eating meat. For several reasons that I won't go into.

However, within a matter of weeks I saw my health deteriorate and noticed more injuries occuring from my training. I am now returning to veganism and am already feeling the benefits. I've missed this lifestyle a lot.


At present my training is pretty limited to legs (with machine weights only) and cardio, due to a painful rotator cuff/pec injury. Does anyone out there have any experience of injuries clearing up when switching to a more alkaline diet? I'm assuming that inflammation will be greatly reduced??


Look forward to hearing from everyone and chatting in the future.



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Welcome back, back to the forum and what sounds like a healthier feeling lifestyle for you! Everyone's bodies are different and injuries can sometimes just take time regardless but less stress/work for the body to work on the food you ingest should help speed up your injury recovery time. Sounds like you are being smart about it and letting it heal which is the most important. Trying to work it too early before you have fully recovered and re-injuring yourself would be the most common and most time costly mistake many people make.

Try searching key words like injury, recovery, etc in the search function here in the forum, upper right hand corner. I bet you can find similar experiences people have gone through and can learn about their recovery. Also you can post to their threads or PM them for deeper insight.


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