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Original's Diary ☕

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Hey everyone,


finally made up my mind and decided to create my topic for logging my activities and maybe meals to keep me more motivated!


My primary goal for now is to loose some body fat that I still store quite a lot

I do Bodycombat and CXworks classes twice a week and started running in the morning recently.



Any tips and suggestions are welcome as I'm in need of advise and support!



Love, Original

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Thanks, Mike!


Well I'm not a big chocolate fan (I eat chocolate itself sometimes, but I hate things made WITH chocolate), but I love trying to do some things myself sometimes. And I normally take all those pictures and post them on FB so my non vegan friends (considering that I only have two vegan friends... ) can see that eating vegan is not boring at all and is very delish That's kinda non verbal preaching coz they all think that I only eat fruits most of the time (well... they are quite right ) and I miss out on much 'good' things. And that's not true at all

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Good day, folks!!!


Such wonderful news for Europe - starting today any cosmetics product or ingredient that is tested on animals can't be sold in the European Union!



Oh the recipe of this chocolate is easy peasy: virgin cacao butter, raw cacao powder and coconut palm sugar/agave syrup or any sweetener you prefer I used 90g of butter, 60g of cacao and some agave syrup. And few drops of almond essence. You can add nuts, seeds, anything you like. Just need to be careful while melting cacao butter if you want have your chocolate raw

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Oh, what a day


Been forcing my self to go the gym and for first half an hour was still thinking that I should go home. Never happened before!


Anyway, 30min of Cxworks and 55min of Bodycombat done today.


By the way, what do you eat after workouts? Something that doesn't need cooking? I come home late, around 8ish, sometimes 8.30.

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Another shitty day, but I think my life is going to get some right motivation soon - planning to love to Tenerife! So after I finish all the planning and to do lists, I will start thinking about all those beautiful beaches and hopefully that will make me loose my appetite and make me wanna exercise more Yay!

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