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Vitamin D questions help needed

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Hi I hope someone can answer my questions


I have a serious D deficiency and I have been prescribed the prescription D2 50,000 iu per week,but I have read that D2 is not biologically as effective as D3.I am also worried about the source of D3 I do not want to take the prescription one because it has Gelatin caps,and I am looking for a cruelty free vegetarian source D that would be medical grade quality to truly get my levels up.I have found a few options but I am worried that it wont be as effective if its not lanolin sourced and because I do not believe in animal cruelty i would not want to contribute to the harm of animals.I keep putting off taking vitamin D because I am confused about which and how much to take.What should I do any suggestions?

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Most people in the northern hemisphere are D deficient... so altho you should take action to fix it, don't let this diagnosis scare you. This deficiency is definitely not isolated to vegans.


If you can afford it, best and preferred way to treat D deficiency is a sunny vacation. You only need a few minutes in the sun (without sunscreen!) to get your daily dose.


If a vacation is not on the horizon just go with the D2s daily. D3 absorbs better.. so the dose for D2 should just be a bit bigger... which one you take shouldn't matter.


And eat more mushrooms (D fortified if you can find 'em).

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