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Choclate Protein balls


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These are ultra yummy and good for a portein fix in middle of day-great for snack-although be warned, are very moorish!



100g either plain protein powder of your choice (or choc flav.)

50g almond meal

50g dessicated coconut (plus extra for coating)

100g "organic" cocoa powder-sugar free

3tbs organic unhulled tahini

2 large over-ripe bananas

sugar to taste-optional-stevia powder is ultra sweet and ALL natural-not like that would be sugar and its not tested on animals to monitor its safety for human consumption as ALL artificial (and some natural)are.



Combine all dry ingrediants. Blend bananas and tahini to a smooth paste. Roll into small (or large) balls, coat in coconut, then refrigerate.


*Buy as much organic products as possible. It assists in the preservation of natural habitats, plus the taste is of a higher quality.


*This is a great "cheat" snack for those who are either cutting up, or cutting down!

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I'm glad you liked them! I've written this recipe out for quite a few of my work collegues (started a new job!-call centre work, but at least I can donate to all my charities again!)-and I'm back @ gym full time!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i dont eat chocolate, or anything with caffiene in it. is there anything other flavoring, like vanilla or whatever i can use?

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Whatever you want to use in place of any of the ingredients is ok. A couple of my body building friends (carnivores) have adapted the recipe for their own personal tastes, there's nothign really set in stone. I sometimes use cherries/bananas and I have used carob powder before. I'm a coffee addict myself so organic cocoa pwder is my persoanl preference! (organic of course-don't want to go destroying masses of rain forests for my personal addictions!)

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