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Dr. Gregor: Dental Health & Diet

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I just don't agree with the fluoride toothpaste part, but I realise I am probably in the minority.


I haven't used fluoride in my toothpaste for over 15yrs ~ I'm 36yrs old now and don't have a single filling. We get quite a bit through our diet and excess fluoride has been shown to lead to mottling of the teeth. I know dentists recommend it so I'm not really in a position to argue against them, but it's just my opinion MF.

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Not really here to argue or anything, but I strongly support fluoridation of drinking water. I also support fluoridation of toothpaste, but if you can get away without it, then more power to you! I have to use fluoridated toothpaste AND a fluoride rinse, otherwise my teeth fill themselves with holes.

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