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Long-distance runner from Skåne, Sweden says hi!


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So, I'm back here with an account - have visited the forums from time to time, but havn't registrered until now.

Had an accont here years ago - back then, I was obese (145kg/176cm) and struggled to lose the excessive weight and become more fit. Back then, I did not exercise on regular basis nor took care of my health as I should. Now, I weigh in at 78-80kg - exercises everyday (active rest included), more aware what I eat etc (however, that won't stop me from overconsuming crappy, sugary foods).


My training primarily focus on long-distance running (roads to rough terrain) and cycling. Couple of weeks ago, I started a strength program to perform better on my running and in same time become stronger (and look well-trained) - however, I follow my routines strict - pushing the limits.


Every morning and evening, I do perform yoga/strength routines (body weigth exercises). I have also a separate program for my running - 3-4 times a week, when the weather allows it, I tend to swap a running session for HIC-pass at gym (3-4x20min with bodyweight exercises in between) or swimming when it's too cold/snowy outdoors.



Strengthprogram (gym) minimum 3 times/week


Always 20 min high intensity cardio as warm-up.




Warm-up: 20m HIC + Chins

Chest, Dumbbel Press, 4 set, 12 rep

Chest, Bench Press, 3 set, 12 rep

Chest, Chest Press, 4 set, 8 rep

Chest, Dumbbell pull-over (on bench), 3 set, 8 rep

Chest, Push-ups, 3 set, 15 rep

Shoulders, Military Press, 4 set, 8 rep

Shoulders, Dumbbell Lift (at side, simultaneously), 4 set, 8 rep

Shoulders, Shrugs (bar), 3 set, 6 rep

Triceps, DIPS, 4 set, 10 rep

Triceps, Dumbbell on bench, 4 set, 10 rep

Triceps, Pushdown (cable), 4 set, 10 rep

Finsh: Chins, Push-ups, Sit-ups, Plank etc (combinaton of mentioned)




Warm-up: 20m HIC + Chins

Back, Deadlift, 4 set, 8 rep

Back, Chins, 3 set, 8-15 rep

Back, Bar Rowing, 3-4 set, 8 rep

Shoulders, Flyes (standing straight), 4 set, 8 rep

Shoulders, Flyes (leaned forward), 3 set, 8 rep

Shoulders, Bar Flexion, 4 set, 8 rep

BICEPS, Dumbbellcurls, 3 set, 12 rep

BICEPS, Barcurls, 3-4 set, 12 rep

BICEPS, Bicepscurls (leaned forward with bar), 3 set, 8 rep

Forearms, Hammercurls, 4 set, 10 rep

FINISH: Chins, Push-ups, Sit-ups




Warm-up: 20m HIC + Chins

Legs, Squats, 4 set, 10 rep

Legs, Lunges (with bar), 4 set, 6 rep

Legs, Leg press, 5 set, 10 rep

Legs, Straigth deadlift, 4 set, 8 rep

Legs, Lying leg curls, 4 set, 12 rep

Legs, Leg extension, 4 set, 15 rep

Behind/Hip, One-leg lift, 2 set, 15 rep

Behind/Hip, two-leg lift, 4 set, 12 rep

Abdomen, Side curl 3 set, 10 rep

Abdomen, Lying gymball lift, 3 set, 10 rep

Abdomen, Lying crunch, 3 set, 10 rep

Abdomen, Plank, 4 set

Finish: Chins, Push-ups, Sit-ups

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