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Keeping weight class

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Generally I'm 1-2kg over my weight class. Which I am fine with - it's just more tactical for me to go down a weight class (less competitors)


People I know that reduce weight before cometition do it by reducing salt, using herbal teas that expell water, and restricting water intake. BUT they also eat low carb 2-3 days before (just meat/fish and vegetables).


I have a competition coming up in a month. It's not an important one, but it's a good chance to try out some stratergies. The difficult part of it is that weigh-in starts at 17.00 (and I'll be at work 11-16).


So, any tips for me on what to eat the last couple of days before cometition? Nuts, vegetables and oil??

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I'm not the one to answer this question for you but my suggestion is to pm some of the bodybuilders here on the forum directly or post to their training journals. More likely to get feedback that way.



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I quite often sit 1-2kg over weight, TBH it's really easy to drop that weight if you know what you are doing. I'd look at dropping it over the course of 36-48hrs before your weigh in.


I do it by doing the following things:


** I use a blood purifying tonic about a week out. This cleans my blood, removes any toxins and gets my system clean

** Herbal diuretic tablets from 2 days out

** If I'm more than 2kg over my weight class at 24hrs out I'll start drinking senna tea, usually 3 cups the day before sorts things out

** As long as I am within 0.5kg of my weight limit a few hours before weigh in you probably don't need to be concerned, don't do anything drastic at this point! The nerves/excitement should be kicking in and you'll find you will go to the toilet more times than you normally which will drop you down right where you need to be.

** Weigh in early so you can rehydrate and fuel up before you lift. Take in a little salty foods as well, this will help you to retain water which will bring your weight up a little faster which is what you want.


I compete in the 130-145 class. Two days out I'm normally around 148, I weigh in usually at 143(ish) then I eat and drink for the next few hours. I would guess I'd be back up to 148-150 by the time I'm ready to start lifting. It's a bit trial and error for the first few times until you start to work out what works for YOU. Try things slowly, drastic cutting isn't the best approach as you are likely to lose strength by doing that.


All the best MF.

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Just re-read your post, are you competing in a BB'ing competition or a PL'ing meet?


Sorry, it reads like it's a BB'ing competition but I presumed it was a powerlifting meet you were enquiring about as you posted in the Powerlifting & Strongman section of the forum ?! Good luck for it anyway, whichever it is. Let us know how you go, should be happening sometime around now? MF.

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