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lentils and phytoestrogens

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I am a novice and I love lentils so much . I eating it every day about a third of kilogram daily.


but I read that lentils conatain 37mcg/100 g in dry basis . when soaking it the amount of phytoestrogens increased . I do not know how much certainly , but a lot of sources said that lentils increase estrogen .


I do not know the upper limit of phytoestrogen intake for bodybuilders, has anyone know it ?


I have some ideas to prevent lentils from producing more phytoestrogen by boiling it before soaking to kill lentil seeds and prevent them from producing phtyos.

I do not have idea if this process effective or not ?

please help lentil lovers



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Almost all plant foods contain phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are 1000 times weaker than animal estrogen.


I find it amusing that there is sooo much concern about plant estrogen that is so weak, while no one raises a red flag about the actual estrogen that is ingested with consumption of milk and meat. A strange biased cultural logic I suppose.


I have no idea what 1/3 kg of lentils looks like - nor do I know if you are talking dry or cooked. But I believe a 'healthy' and recommended dose of lentils or beans per day is about 1 cup cooked. I suppose if you get a little more, or a little less than that you don't need to worry about it.


I have seen tons of studies on soy / plant sterol intake. To my knowledge, no studies have been done on upper or lower limits for phytosterol intake. Based on my own research, the only thing I am cutting out now is anything processed... like soy isolate or tvp ... as I do have concerns about those.

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thanks very much to help ....that is first time I know that animal foods contain estrogen stronger than phytos 1000 times ! ...are you sure?


I read in some sources that cows milk contain only 1.2 mcg/100 g and meat products contain only 20 mcg/100 g.! that is pretty low !


I eat some 330 grams of dry red lentils after cooking .that is equal roughly to about 4 cups cooked , one cup four times daily . support me with about 80 grams proteins.


really I hope lentils not decrease my test .

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Yes, the estrogen a female mammal produces is 1000x stronger than the estrogen a plant produces.


Are your sources referring to plant estrogen (phytoestrogen). Or did they say it was actually estrogen (or estradiol). They are different: the plant estrogen being the weaker of the two. Some AG and beef industry articles will go on and on about phytoestrogens and never once mention the more concerning estradiol levels of their 'products'.


It is hypothesized that the 'real' estrogen (ie. animal estrogen), from meat and dairy is the cause of many cancers. Here is a study in that regard.


Personally I would think 4 cups is a little too much of any one food. There are other good protein sources and to ensure you get all the micronutrients you need, you should really mix it up a bit. Hopefully you are including grains in your diet to complete the protein from legumes.

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thanks ...


but this source said that Tuna,hot dog and cow milk has phytoestrogen content less than only 3.1 mcg/100 g !!




I eat daily 4 large egyptian pitas that support me with about 50 g of protein ...when adding lentils that will be equal to 130 g protein ...I am only 60 kg and this amount will be sufficient .


I hope this topic non boring to you.

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Hi, I think there are many knowledge ideas on this post.


I dont know if this is helpful but I have had a problem with too much estrogen because of genetics to the point where I have had to heal from fibriod tumors and I have been taking a synthetic thyroid. All of the woman in my family do (aunts, mother, cousins, and I have no sisters). I have spent the last 6 years living in India and a few months ago I started Ayurvedic treatment specifically to balance hormones. One of the things the doctor said to me personally in regards to increased estrogen (she has been an Ayurvedic doctor for over 40 years) is never, ever to eat lentils. I realize this is a different method of thinking that people here might subscribe too and I cant show you studies nor do I have the training to technically explain, but I do know that between the herbs and the diet change the tumors dissolved and my estrogen levels have been decreasing. There are many other factors to alternative medicine that as a society we dont consider, although each perspecitive is helpful for various reasons. I agree there are many hormones in meat, and I have not eating meat in 16 years, which was 3 years before I started menstruating and I have been allergic to milk since I was a child so I have not consumed milk since I was 5 years old (I am 30 now). I think some people's bodies are more sensitive to others. If some one has higher levels, and then any additional form of estrogen may affect them. I also had a real problem with soy for this reason. When I started to eat more soy I would have more swelling in my breasts and heavier periods. In my meditation I was guided to leave soy alone for the time being, and with in a few months I saw a difference. I loved lentils and miss the protein source but if you are sensitive for one reason or another than you might want to consider running a kind of self experiment by not eating lentils for 3 months and seeing if you notice a difference.

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