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Future of food

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Sounds good but not a lot of info, is it on the market yet? Then we have the being a processed food dilemma.


A couple of the pages have links that give you more info. The 'links' aren't always apparent tho. They do promote a few companies/brands that are doing research work, but I have not heard of them before.


There are vegan 'meats' on the market already that were created to fill a demand. The difference here is that Gates is pushing for big business to get interested and geared up for a cultural shift. If big business gets involved, there is more money and research for better tasting products, but also they will not just fill a demand but 'create' a demand for their products. They are also looking at making non-soy products, which most are now. So I suppose the AG industry is prepping a counter attack and will work hard to scare everyone away from chickpeas... ugh!


I thought it was quite funny that Mike Pollan mentions that the faux meats on the market now are marketed not to omnivores, but to vegans and vegetarians who have 'low expectations'.. lol.


I guess well see where it all goes. I'm hoping one day I'll be saying I was vegan before it became popular.. haha. Hmm... actually, maybe I should buy stocks...

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That sounds really good. I am so far one of those vegans who has very low expectations. The only faux meat I've eaten so far at soy burgers and soy chicken patties from the local supermarket. The price is high (probably because of low sales). They are also very dry, which I think is because they try to make them low fat. Also I think it would help a lot of meat eaters to become more open to the idea of a diet change if some of our food was more palatable.


Would also be nice for more awareness of the ethical and environmental impact. People are baffled to find that I have answers when they ask me "what is wrong with eating meat?"

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