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Seeking a sample 'cutting pre-competition style' diet

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Hi all~


I have been back and forth, back and forth. Currently, I'm back, and ready to loose about 30 (eek) pounds of unnecessary weight I've put on through beer and chocolate...I WAS in the best shape of my, almost, 38 years, not too long ago, but I accomplished that on your standard bodybuilding 'cutting' diet guidelines


chicken, marinated in chicken, with a side of chicken....no really, it was chicken, asparagus, protein shakes, oatmeal .. that's basically it. It sure worked but I was constantly bloated, so I started re-researching a vegan diet and I'm sold, I just don't know what an vegan, bodybuilding, diet plan might look like - similar to what worked for me before, but replaced with vegan choices. Would eating too much tempeh (not digging tofu?) be too high in sodium or anything like that?


If a figure competitor was going to start her cutting diet (vegan, obviously) what foods would she include. I know you have to watch for certain things and wondered if anyone could tell me those few staple foods that you'd have to sort of stick to in order to get that competition ready body. I know there are many wonderful vegan food options and all, but you know when you're about to hit the stage you sort of do the boring foods that work for those last 12 weeks (or whatever) in order to really shed the fat? Does anyone know what that usually would consist of?!


Sorry to ramble. I want to prove to myself and my family that I can get back to looking just as good (hopefully better) on a vegan diet and dispel to them the ridiculous protein myth!


Thanks in advance! help!



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There are lots in the journals section, try using key word search in the upper right hand corner for words like cut, cutting, etc.


Yes, and I've spent some time trying this in the past. Unless I'm doing something wrong, it seems to just be so sporadic..for example, it'll take me to people's workout journals that may touch on a sentence referring to 'cutting' but I'm was sort of hoping for some past experience from people who've been there and done that in the figure competition realm. Someone who can say, typically a cutting diet 12 weeks out from a competition will consists of this, this and this... now, of course, I know everyone is different etc. but usually you start to see somewhat of a pattern develop among those that do these shows, and you'll see almost the same sort of foods incorporated in those last couple months during cutting. I was looking for a quick list of what foods are best during that cutting phase. Some are good, buy may need to be weaned out towards the end due to high sodium or whatever. I know I'll need to figure out how much of what I should eat to meet my intake needs, but those STAPLE foods is what I was looking for...




Thanks again!! Carre

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