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Slow progress is still progress!

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I like to eat from 12PM to 6PM each day and fast the rest of the time. I am ripped and I have found this allows me to eat more and still stay lean.


I don't carb cycle but I drop my kcal on my off days to 2,500-2,700. I eat about 3,000-3,250 on lift days. I also train fasted 75% of the time.


All of these methods have helped me get/stay super lean and retain A LOT of strength.

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sweet i'm gonna give IT another shot. I got my bodyfat% measured last month, it said 18%, now i know it can be off by like 3%, so i'm roughly about 20% i would say, my goal is to be at around 16 or 17.


The thing with IF is it takes a week or two to adjust to it. But there are real world health benefits to it, as well as the fact it can really help with body fat %s. I'm a little guy and even my metabolism, medical circumstances, and exercise schedule does not account for the amount of food I eat while staying lean.


Stick with it pal. (:

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It's easy. I split it up into two big meals.


Pre-Break Fast: 10-11AM

Protein Shake 175



1lb sweet potatoes or yams w/ 28g flaxseed and 12g coconut oil 700

3.5 cups split pea stew w/ nutritional yeast and veggies 650



Protein shake 175

2 TBSP Peanut butter, almond butter, or trail mix 200

3.5 cups split pea stew w/ nutritional yeast and veggies 650

Tofu w/ 1/2lb veggies, bean sprouts, garlic, etc. 400


Usually on lift days I throw in a clif bar, or a coconut bar, or some more trail mix with coffee for a treat with coffee for 3,300ish. On off days I don't do an extra snack, and I shave off 300-400kcal for 2,600-2,700kcal.

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from last night, started eating 6-8 small meals a day this week. loving it so far

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