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today's workout

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started with a 2.9 mile bike ride





KB swings and sumo high pulls with 25lbs

snatch with 20lbs


instead of all the leg work [since i have a small injury] i did 50 sit ups, 25 side planks on each side and 60 supermans.


Tomorrow i'm taking a yoga class after work, saturday rock climbing, and sunday i have a two hour bootcamp, we're going to do a simulation of the spartan race, and yoga again on monday. busy rest of the week, so excited

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Yesterday was my two hour Spartan Practice training at the gym. Unfortunately I didnt sign up for the race which i should have, but doing the trainings have been super fun!



Farmers walk: 2 25lb plates

20lb medicine ball walk

2 5lb weighted jump rope

20lb snatches

50lb sand bag for the platform-burpees-platform



Not too bad! I also did a 500m row. I skipped maybe .25mile run because my leg started bothering me.


So. many. burpees.



I probably should have done the snatches with a 25lb weight instead the 20 was too light.


I'm taking a yoga class tonight to stretch everything out. Can't wait!

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Thursday's workout




plus a 2.9 mile bike ride and flipped a tire 5x


I slacked a little bit this week, but i'm planning on going to yoga tomorrow night and monday morning! I still need to lose body fat, I feel like i'm going nowhere with that. I'm doing 60 20 20, maybe fruit bloats me up, i dont know its frustrating! i work out 4x a week, maybe i need to up it to 6 times and do more cardio. i only eat about 1200 calories a day, if i eat any less it would be too little? my BMR is about 1200 so i dont know, i feel very stuck and whenever i tell people that i feel stuck the tell me its because i'm vegan and eat too many carbs -_-

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