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Progress Plateau -- Need advice!

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Over the past three years, I've become an incredibly healthy person.


I lost 60 pounds. I dropped my total cholesterol over 80 points. I've been running long distances for almost two years and lifting weights for one.


I am at a comfortable maintenance weight would like to focus on losing troublesome body fat and building muscle. I'm incredibly frustrated with my abdomen and glutes. Does anyone have any advice for these two areas or just advice for general improvements?


Below are my current workout routines and progress pictures.


MWF -- Lift AM


Bench press

Leg press

Dumbbell Lunge

Decline Fly

Triceps Kickback

Arnold Press

Barbell Reverse Curl

Upright Row

Seated Cable Row

Assisted Pull up

Kettlebell Russian Twist

Kettlebell Leg-Hip Raise

Kettlebell Windmill


TR -- Cardio


AM: Elliptical 30 - 45 minutes

PM: Run 2 - 6 miles or Bike 30 - 60 minutes


Weekend -- At least one exercise listed below, sometimes all four.


Run 6 - 16 miles

Hike 2 - 4 hours

Bike 30 - 60 minutes

Manual Labor 2 - 4 hours



July 2010 -- 190 lbs


February 2013 -- 130 lbs

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You are comfortable with your current weight.. but unfortunately the only way to lose extra abdominal fat is to keep losing. Unfortunately, many females lose weight in the lower half last, and gain it there first (myself included). Probably not what you want to hear. (sorry).


Not sure what you mean about your glutes.. if you are feeling you have weight to lose.. then same answer as above. But if you want to change shape of them, then only way to do that is to do squats and lunges and lift HEAVY. ie. You don't want to do a weight that you can lift more than 8 times.


I would recommend starting with barbell lunges.. and move onto rear-foot elevated lunges when you are ready (they are a bit harder).


For squats remember that the lower you squat, the more you will engage the glute muscle... but be safe and use proper form when doing them.. low squats make you more prone to back injury particularly when lifting heavy.


If you don't have a squat rack, then the leg press will have to do... just make sure you are getting a good range of motion so that you are engaging glutes along with hams and quads. Make sure to position your legs so your knees are not bending past your toes tho.


Reality is genetics play a big role too.. you won't be able to fight that.


You've made some amazing progress so far .. wtg!

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Great job! I feel you on the abdomen and glutes issue. I just hit my goal weight and found I have more to go with those problem areas. I think the advice above is correct. That's what I was told as well....keep losing and lift to change shape. Good luck. If you find something magic let me know. Other than that, I suppose we just keep chugging along.

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If you can work up to it do try the body weight squats with your toes near or touching the wall keep feet forward if you can, turn them slightly out at first if you need. If you have no problem with this do it with your arms above your head, that with really work ya.

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