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The adventures of Faux

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Welcome to My journal. If you didnt read my intro i will sum it up. Retired police officer, stay at home dad. I cook and shop for all the food while the wife works. I am a faux vegan. I dont eat dairy but i also dont comb through all ingredients for Animal by products. i also take whey protein powder hence the name Faux.


I have all day to eat right and train so i really dont have any excuses. Please feel free to help me out and offer any diet tips and training tips i just started to micro manage my diet so i need all the help i can get.


I am very active and i will share it all with you.

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Up at 7am, i got 8hrs of sleep. Woke up at 181.6



7 am meal, two slices of 7 grain bread with 2tbs of peanut butter. Soy protein shake with banana in it. 8oz of coffee.


Work out 1 cardio. Thread mill intervals. Walk run for 30min. 20mi. Cool down on bike.


10am meal, gnc wheybolic shake w pear. 1/4c Steel cut oats ground flax and wheat germ agave nectar.


12 noon lunch vega bar because i was at dr with my son.


2:30 meal was a ezekial wrap with fresh avocado celery hummus kale.



Activity, raking lawn for 1hr. Since its a back and bi's day.


5 dinner, tempeh stuffed pepper with mushrooms onions over 1/2 cup quinoa.



7:30 meal. 1c baby lettus with 1c spinach walnuts goji berries pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Washed down with muscle recovery tea.


8pm workout

Pull ups close grip on rafter in basement. 12/7/6

Suspension Strap curls 45degree angle 12/12/12

Sus strap reverse flys 12/12/5

Dumbel curls 35x10, 6, 6

Strap rows close grip 20/12/13

Concentration curl bent unsupported 20x12 25x10-8


Crunches on ball 20/20/30

I start off with my feet under a set of three steps. I do As many as I can do on each step and finish with my legs almost horizontal for the last set and go down past horizontal with my upper body, murder!


Yoga for 30


Protein shake elite gourmet with banana and 1/4 c strawberries.


Totals for the day 2200cal

Pro 142 24%

Carb 294 51% got to get these down

Fat. 64. 25%


Night night!

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Thanks the stuffed pepper was fantastic. I have a small cooking background thank god because eating right is so hard.


My short term goal, get abs to show but not sacrifice muscle building. Last fri I stopped by the police dept I used to work at and saw all my friends. I was amazed at how much weight they were all carrying. I used to carry 225lbs while working and toss on 15-20 lbs of gear. No wonder I have had two knee surgeries already.


I have some Completed goals also.

Reduce waist from 38-32 check! From my pic it dosent look like I have a 32" waist but I do.


Increase Mountain bike duration from 1hr to 3-4hrs. Last ride out was 2.5hr and I had to go home i didn't have enough food and didnt budget the time for it. I didnt know how much endurance I built this winter.


I have always been a chubby kid and wore my weight well. I have been lifting for 24 years and it didnt show until this year. These food allergies have been a blessing. I feel So much better and can do way more now than I have ever had.

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Kind of a rest day from weights.


Up at 7 with 8 hrs of sleep.

7am Breakfast was the same.


10am vega energy bar while shopping.


12 noon lunch, Morningstar grilles burger on Ez bread and veggie patch soy cheese followed by an apple.


1:30 cardio. 30 min moderate stationary bike 85-90 rpm. Jump roap for 15 min.


2:30 snack. Vega protien shake with raspberries. 1 Ezekiel wrap again, avacado, hummus, carrots, salsa, kale.


More outdoor yard work, shoveling and raking.

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Box jumps, ok stair jumps since i dont belong to a gym


20 at 14"

20 at 21" trying to get past gold line. I can only get half of my foot across.


100 jumping jaks


Dead mans drop off of stairs. Its basically steping off into a squat.


20 at 14"

10 at 21"


Done for now.




Gnc wheybolic shake

Teriyaki Tempeh with leeks, broccoli, green beans and celery over quinoa.http://img.tapatalk.com/d/13/04/10/8u6e3eja.jpg


7:30 salad same.


8:30 yoga/ stretches


9:30 shake elite gourmet with soy milk and raspberries.




Pro 178g 28%

Carb 305g 48%

Fat 67g 24%

Total cals 2481


Tomorrow a weigh in in the am. Stay tuned.

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181.6 again this morning. I am slowly upping my food intake to 3000 cals per day. Yesterday i had 2500.


I had my usual breakfast but added soy milk to my morning shake for an extra 100 cals.


I did some light cardio at 9am.

15min walk

15min run

15min bike


10am meal stal cut oats with 1/2c blueberries, flax, wheat germ, and washed it down with a gnc wheybolic shake.


11-12 nap.


12 lunch was last nights dinner teriyaki tempeh with quinoa.


1:30 into the pit!



Nothing fancy.

Deadlifts barefoot





I stopped here for the real fun,







Farmers carry with 2 small tires. 250' driveway each way 3x.


Tire flip down and back 87 flips.


Farmers walk with big tire once down and back. I dropped it 4 time


Stiff leg dead lift with cinderblock standing on big tire.


Shuttle run driveway 3x


3 pm post work out meal

GNC wheybolic shake

Ez wraps again

Edited by Faux
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Good morning, well no i hurt my toe yesterday. Its real tender and hurts when i put pressure on it so im off today. Them tires may have had something to do with it.


Im gonna cycle back the calories by about 300-400 today. 2500 was a chore to swallow. Less shakes, only two today and less soy milk.


Stop back i have some really good food i am making today. Red cabbage salad and quinoa lasagna.


Ok back.

12:00 lunch. A elite fitness shake w/strawberries. Morningstar veggie burger with soy cheese. Then i made my favorite red cabbage salad.



I got scallions, walnuts, soy nuts, goji berries and a bunch of seeds in there yum.


I have been off my feet all day. I iced my toe a bit and took a nap. Boy i am sore today and really needed this. My gluteus, hamstrings and my toe are all sore as heck. In addition to that my bi's and traps are tender. Deadlifts and tires are a deadly whole body workout.

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Thanks. I chilled so hard today. All i did was sit and watch tv with legs up and eat.

5pm dinner

I made a quinoa lasagna tonight but it didnt come out picture perfect


It had a base layer of quinoa. them sautéed spinach mushrooms onions and tomatoes. On top of that was supposed to be ricotta but i dont do dairy and had no faux ricotta so i skipped it. I put 2oz of gimme lean on and then a veggie patch slice of soy mozzerella then an 1/4 c og quinoa to top and bake. Tasty!


7pm salad red cabbage with baby greens and faux bacon dressing from walden farms.


9pm elite fitness shake and a kiwi.


Totals 2345.

Pro 151g 25%

Car 286g 47%

Fat 76g. 28%


Tomorrow im gonna answer the 100 pull up challenge for back and bi's day. 100 pull ups in an hr.


Stay tuned!

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Thanks. It's all about the food right. I was lifting all the time, but until I controlled my diet I looked like Crap. I have a cooking background so it's easy for me. I just got to find all the right food to use.

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Good day for a pull up century.


Up at 7 with 9hrs of sleep under my belt. Weighed in at 182.6 today. I seem to float between 181-183 so im not worried. All my shorts fall off except the skinny cut 34's so im happy but 10 pairs less.


7am breakfast standard peanut butter and banana sandwich with black coffee and a soy shake.


10am standard oatmeal with blueberries, agave necter, flax, wheat germ and cinnamon. Then i added this pre workout drink i got as a sample.



Mix with 8oz of water? Yeah no way i got 16oz to make it palatable and ice cubes :-P


Toe still sore but not hurt. I think it was the bare footed dead lifts. May have to wear shoes. I try to do stuff bare footed if i can because it feels more natural.


Onto the pull up century. The goal is 100 in 1 hr. im gonna warm up on the bike for 15min then hit it.


Heres my pull up bar.



I got to do close grip because of a dislocated left shoulder and a broken elbow on the right.



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35min in i got 75 reps in.





Pull ups






































102 in 50min.


Holy S! My grip did me in. I need a bar.


1 set to fail of each, preacher, strap rows, concentration curls, reverse flys with straps.




12:00 lunch wheybolic shake, orange and quinoa lasagna then a nap.







Damn back fat! I swear im a 30" waist under that.

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Thanks. It's all about the food right. I was lifting all the time, but until I controlled my diet I looked like Crap. I have a cooking background so it's easy for me. I just got to find all the right food to use.

Yeah man I love the food pics! But a lot of it makes me feel unhealthy haha I need to take a leaf outa your book mate!


I train at home too, I've got a pull up bar and a 145Kg olympic barbell. What weights do you have at home?

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I have a bench with a dip handles and preacher attachment. About 250lbs worth of plates. A set of adjustable dumbells and a set of 35's.


I have a set of golds faux trx straps. I use old duffle bags as a kettlebell. I just fill with 5-10lb weights. Lots of rubber bands things.


Outside i got the tires and now battle ropes. Lots of blocks and a wheel barrel. I also got a 400lb generator on wheels i can farmers walk.


Treadmill and exercise bike for cardio. Balance discs, big ball, jump rope, 20-10lb medicine balls.


I got it covered.


Oh and snack!



E wrap with 1/2c vegetarian refried beans, guacamole, 2tbs hummus and some soy cheese on top with salsa. 2min in microwave and enjoy!


Next up sweet potato chilli!


5pm meal.



Sweat potato and gimme lean added to standard vegan chili recipe.

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7pm snack, red cabbage salad.


8:30pm 30 min of light exercise bike.


9pm yoga

9;30 elite shake with 1/2 cup of raspberries blended in.


Totals for the day 2614cals

Pro 155g at 23%

Car 354g at 52%

Fat 74 g at 25%


Im gonna stick here for another day and see what happens. Im strong, but am i building mass and striping away fat?



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Holy S sore from pull ups! Nothing but leftovers today to eat.


I did some light bench to get away from the cross fit all the time mode.

Bench flat

4/13 60x16 80x10 100x12 110x10 120x8

Bench incline

4/13 60x12 70x12 80x12 90x10 100x8


Cardio tonight.

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