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Ok so to top off the legs i did tire pulls.




3x forward facing down and backwards up.


3x backwards facing down and forward up.


Strap squats to fail.

Strap ham string curls.


7pm Cheat meal!

1 slice of pizza and whey shake.


9:30 elite shake and strawberries.


Totals 2599cal

Pro 206g 30%

Car 309g 45%

Fat 74g. 24%


Tomorrow i am going to do cardio at 7am before breakfast. Supposedly it burns fat better.

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Thanks MF. Feel free to critique anything, diet or training. Lord knows I need the help.



7am no DOMS from yesterday's leg day, go figure so I'm I'm the treadmill before breakfast. I'm gonna try this out because a fello faux vegan friend of mine does it and has stripped away a lot of fat.


I did 30min and burnt 260 cals and had a soy protein shake and banana after.


10am meal. This was my 7-10 combined. I used to eat a peanut butter and banana sandwich at 7 upon waking then steel cut oats t 10. Today at 10 I'm having my heavy carb meal all at once.

2 slices of 7 grain bread 18carbs

2 tbs of peanut butter. 7 carbs

1/4c cooked steel cut oats 15 carbs


Total 40 carbs. That's not too much for one meal?


I must admit I feel great after pre breakfast cardio. No coffee yet either, but I did have muscle recovery tea from Yogi.

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Well i ate like crap today. I was out all day and i ate a lot of pre made stuff.


12:00 a kind bar on the go. a morning star black bean burger with 1/2 cup of black beans on top. Then i added a piece of soy cheese on it and some salsa.


2:30 snack vega bar, apple and carrots.


5pm dinner mushrooms, spinach and cauliflower sauted together with low sodium teriyaki sauce and a vegan burger and mixed nuts to top it off.



I also had a gnc lean shake and orange.


7pm is a salad


9:30 shake and strawberries.


Totals 2364cals. Im short 234 cals today but im not lifting today so i guess its ok. Thoughts on cycling down cals on non lifting days?


Pro 151g 28%

Car 243g 43%

Fat 70g. 29%

Sodium 878

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7am cardio on empty stomach 15min threadmil walk and 15min bike.


Breakfast was the same soy shake and PB and banana sandwich.


9:30 Shoulders

Behind neck presses

60x8, 60x12, 66x12, 80x8-6


Dumbbell Arnold presses

25x12-12, 35x6, 17x20


Side laterals 



Front raises

25x7, 10x30, 25x12, 10x12


Reverse raises

10x12-12 8-20


Reverse flys with straps



Not sure if I like weights this early. I usually do cardio in this time slot. I felt very weak and couple that with past shoulder injuries and I got very lame numbers.


10:30 post workout GNC wheybolic shake with almond milk. Steel cut oats with blueberries flax and wheat germ.


12:30 lunch. A vegan brownie from my local health food store. Last night dinner for lunch.


2:30 homemade black bean burger from health food store on e wrap with spicey quacamoli and kale.


5:00 dinner black bean and smart ground stuffed orange pepper.

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Sorry for the delayed reply but yeah I totally agree, it is definitely all about the food. My ex roommate used to workout like mad and they drain gallons of milk among other crap, and he always complained about his gut. Go figure right (pun inteneded).



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7am cardio on bike for 20 totally dogging it. Rpms are at about 75-80 compared to the constant 100 later during the day. I guess the trick here is the work out pre breakfast is burning more fat.


Yesterday I was totally bloated and had 2300 cals, 295 short of goal. I suspect it was the smart ground or homemade black bean burger. I'm gonna have smart lean tonight so I can see if that bloats me.


I think 2600 is the max caloric intake I can handle eating the way I do. I suspect I need more calorie dense good food.


The goal is to repair muscle and strip away the fat. Bottom line is I look better thinner when you can see my small muscles.


8:40standard breakfast


10am steal cut oats and blue berries.


12lunch was mixed veggies and gimmi lean sausage followed by 1/2 a protien shake.


2:00 15min run 200 cals burned. Intense cardio not like am session.


2:30 other half of protein shake.

1/2 pepper stuffed with smart ground and black beans. Nuts and 1/2 cup grapes.


No bloating so it must have been the pre made burger.


5pm refried bean burrito


7:45 spinach salad with seeds


9:30 shake and melon.

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I woke up with a little head cold but pressed on.


7am breakfast PB/ban sandwich and coffee


9:30 15 min warm up on thread mill and onto legs


Deep strap squats at about 45 degree angle subbing for extensions



Squats/calf raises 80x12, 100x8, 120x8, 130x8, 140x8


Walking dumbbell lunges 18x24, 25x24, 35x20


Stiff leg dead lift 60x12, 80x12, 90x12


Strap hamstring curls 50


10:30 GNC wheybolic shake and oatmeal with blueberries.


1:30 lunch on the road. Vega protien bar, 20oz of mixed nuts, apple.


3pm 3c salad with 1/4c walnuts, soy nuts and seeds.


5pm dinner was a total scrape together. I had left over broccoli, spinach that was getting old and gimmi lean sausage so i combined with olive oil and garlic.



Usually i had a 7-7:30 snack but i eliminated it and ate more earlier.


9:30 vega shake and a few strawberries.


Note. I have stopped ab work 5-7 days per week and low and behold i see my upper abs coming in and my male V starting to develop. I guess i was overtraining them.


I also cut back on the nightly yoga. I am limiting it to just stretches at night.


My total cals were 2523

Pro 152g. 26%

Car 235g. 40%

Fat 90g. 34%

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7am 181 again do weight went down a bit.

30 min low intensity bike ride.


8am breakfast


9:30 Chest/tri

Flat bench 60x16 86x12. 110x12. 120x10. 130x10. 136x6

Incline bench 4/19. 60x12. 70x12 90x12 110x8 116x4

Dips 12x6x8


10:30 shake and steel cut oats.


12 lunch on road nuts, gnc shake 1/2 apple.


2:30 snack on road. Protein bar, carrots and 1/2 apple.


5pm dinner 5oz gimmi lean with sautéed spinach and big salad.

Washed down with a muscle recovery tea.


6pm Legs have DOMS bad so I'm doing a light spin on the bike before tris.


Extensions 30x12. 40x12. 50x12. 60x8-6

Kick backs 18x12-8-8

Pull downs with band 60

Close grip push ups 40

Bench dips 20


7:30 post work out whey shake and 1 1/2cups red cabbage salad.


9:30 last shake for night.

Edited by Faux
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Thanks MF. Its brutal eating like this but it working. Tomorrow light cardio in the pm. I will walk only. Sun bi's and back.


Totals were 2438cals

Pro 187g 31%

Car 248g 41%

Fat 74g. 28%


181 lbs or 82.1 kg


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Here is how i do steel cut oats.

1cup oats

4cups vanilla soy milk


Simmer for 30 min on low heat after initial boil.


Pour into pan and cool. 4 portions. 260cals per serving.



Just scoop out and heat for 1-2 min add berries ground flax, wheat germ and 2ts of agave nectar and cinnamon.

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Totally had a good eating day dispute being out of the house for 9hrs.



Pro 139g

Car 292

Fat. 91


My glutes and legs are so sore. Almost 3 days later and I'm still sitting gingerly. I guess switching to more traditional lifts was what I needed. Crossfit was good but it's time to build now. After 6 months it's time for a change.

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Whoo! Back from a day off. I didn't do a thing yesterday but eat and sit.


Now back to business

7-10 meals same as always


12 lunch. E bread, falafel balls, hummus, guacamole, salsa, soy cheese topped with tofutti our cream. And boy did I need it for today's workout.


1:30 sad today so i did what any man would do hit the weights hard.


walking warm up 15min 3mph


Pull ups

Body weight 8 weighted 3lbx8. 6lbx4-4


Dead lifts

60-12. 110x10. 130x8. 150x8. 160x8


Up right row barbel

60x12. 70x10 80x8. 90x8


T bar rows

50x12. 60x10. 70x12 80x12


Barbell curls

60x8-8. 66x6.


Hammer curls

35x8. 25x12-12


Battle ropes 3 sets


Tire rows with rope 6 pulls 50ft two tires.


15min bike because legs were cramping up.


3pm post work out shake 2x whey Bolic shake, 180 cals 40g protein 1/4cup melon. First time nauseous after workout in a while, yes!



5pm dinner. Farro a d asparagus over a veggie patch chicken patty.



7:00 vacuumed the house, just what i needed aftet a big back and bi day.


7:30 red cabbage salad and shake


10:00 shake and done!


Totals 2489cals


Pro 173g 26%

Car 285g 44%

Fat 87g. 30%


Tomorrow im gonna try to knock off 100 cals and see what happens.

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