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No longer a Vegan Aspirant...

Vegan Aspirant

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Yeah! Hope it goes well for you. Did the apparel arrive then?... lol.




Nah I couldn't wait and after a few setbacks where I stuffed my face with crappy food containing both butter and eggs (the after taste of- especially raw- eggs is just atrocious, never liked it but if the overall taste is good I tend to block out both the taste off butter and eggs- two things I've never particularly liked, not even as a carnivore), I decided now is the time.



How about you, when will you be showing us a pic of your gorilla army fitness gear :-P

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congratulation =)

keep firm on your beliefs



thank you. Really consistency is the key word. I've eaten tons of cr*p through the years but have remained consistent in training because I view as a fundamental. I figure I should just make veganism a fundamental as well- and while it may not necessary be a healthy (mostly) raw vegan diet- I'll make do with a processed vegan diet and hopefully stay true to my beliefs/principals. Hopefully the raw part will come later.

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