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Deva multivitamin vs Deva mini

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greetings, i've just been looking for a multivitamin suitable for vegans with the main thing's i'm worried about (b12, and vitamin D), and came across deva multivitamins


it looks like there are two options from them, they have a tiny version for easier swallowing, which also costs about $5 less for 90 of them, then there's a larger one which is more expencive


i was hoping some nutritionally smarts people could tell me if there would be any actual difference between the two, it appears that the mini's have less content, but still above 100% daily volume for the main things, while the normal version has 200%+ of the recommended daily volumes of the vitamins


here's some links where you can see the information


here's some links to the nutritional info (in an online store)






i've already ordered one of each, which should last me for like 6 months at one a day, but if i could save $5 for little/no difference next time i order, that would be sweet too


anyway, any smart people can take a look for me?

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Personally I go with the Mini, simply because I believe that multivitamins should be add-on's to a healthy diet, not a replacement for a healthy diet. That being said, I also take B12 (always essential!), vitamin D (my levels were low), and a DHA capsule (always useful).


Unless you are deficient in a specific vitamin, I think the Mini is plenty of 'boost' to make sure you maintain your levels. Also note that the Mini has very little iron (10% DV) while the regular has 100% DV, so if you are worried about iron deficiency, that could be a reason to go for the big one.

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hi thanks for the reply, i bought them because i was worried about b12 and vitamin D (and they are relatively cheap) i don't get a whole lot of sun every day, and the only fortified thing i take regularly is soy milk


the large one also seemed to contain comparable amounts of D/b12 to the dedicated vitamins by the same company(i think, i looked at it a while ago)

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