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greets from australia, i've decided to start working out and hopefully build on some muscle, i've done pushups/home weights workouts in the past, about a year ago, but i got discouraged by a couple factors- first, the cheapass protein powder i bought.. literally tasted like vomit, secondly i wasnt really seeing results (i had planned to keep going regardless but i got sick for about a week, and gave up)

my goals would ideally be to gain some upper body muscle, and condition my lower body to help me out in my sport - though if that's unrealistic, i'd just build muscle, right now i'm pretty tall and skinny, and i've been vegan/vegetarian for probably well over half my life now (22), and probably as a result, i'm skinny.


anyway, now i've decided to commit myself to building on some muscle, looking better, being stronger and fitter, and i've ordered a bunch of stuff, like supplements and multivitamins, and equipment, and what i have at home right now to work out with is :

an adjusable dumbbell set(20kg)

adjustable ez curl set (25kg)- though i'm willing to mix and match these weights to increase them, aswell as buy more weights

doorway pullup bar

- for now i will be doing whatever i can at home, though later in the year it will hopefully be convinient for me to go to a gym on a regular basis, just not right now


other than that, i was hoping that some smart people could point out the main topics i need to research to be most successful, like creating a routine, and calculating how many calories i need- aswell as whatever i'm too new to know is important, that you could point out


currently, i'd like to think my diet is pretty healthy, good portion of it being raw foods, the rest being whole grains (like bread and toast), cereals etc, lots of fruit and vegetables, though i might under-eat, or just not get enough calories- no idea

and as for supplements, i've currently ordered


sunwarrior protein

deva multivitamins

and some creatine


anywho, any general guidance/advice would be appreciated, anything i haven't asked about that is important, would be nice also.






general advice for starting out appreciated



thanks for reading

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Hi Muchidna, welcome to the community here. Glad to hear that you sound so committed to the pursuit of a new healthier lifestyle.

I who browse the training journal section. I get a lot of good ideas about workout routines and meal plans from those that keep regular journals and take their fitness seriously there.



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