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Help me plan a vegan diet

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Hey everyone, i'm wanting to build some muscle, as im tall and skinny, and look like a stick, anywho, i want to plan a vegan diet and build some muscle

anyway, at the moment, i'm about 6'2 and 160 pounds, so very skinny after years of vegan/vegetarianism, and i play sport twice a week

my TDEE is aparrantly about 2560 calories per day,


at the moment, my diet looks something like this

breakfast: some cereal and oj, or oatmeal

lunch: maybe a sandwich, and some fruit or some crackers with stuff on them

dinner: generally some sort of vegetable rich meal, a curry or soup or something maybe w/ wholegrain or multigrain bread


and snacks like fruit/wholegrain crackers throughout the day , and maybe some toast w/ tomatoes or avocado or something


so i was hoping someone could help me work out a meal plan on a slight surplus or link me to some pre-made ones around my goals, or just help me make a meal plan from scratch


thanks, peace.

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I would go through the journals section and take ideas from people who seem to have similar goals. If you still are in need of help after that shoot me an email. I do it as a side business and I don't charge very much.



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