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Hey all.


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Hey everyone apparently I made an account here a while ago, but I've only just decided to get serious with some bodybuilding.

So my back story, I'm Jamie, a 22 year old male uni student from Ballarat, Australia. I've always been pretty weak, I used to do traditional bodybuilding stuff with a mate which gave me an alright base, however that was a while ago.

I just broke up with my girlfriend and I'm using that as motivation to get myself into a serious routine!

I've recently turned vegan and am 80/10/10 (anybody else sick of bananas? ) My main goals are strength and aesthetics (aren't they everyones?) I never used to care about aesthetis, but I'd really love to get a solid chest and abs just because I have always been a bit tubby (not fat) and I have a slight pidgeon chest, which I'm hoping some muscle will cover up.

I will mainly be doing calisthenic work outs and sprints/running, just mainly because I don't really like gyms and I'm really jealous of the functional strength that people who do calisthenics have. I went around and scouted out all the local playgrounds and schools and found one where I can do pull ups thankfully.

At the moment I try to get around 3000 calories a day, mostly from fruit, however with this I'm going to assume I'll need to up it by at least 500.


I'll start a training log tomorrow to try and motivate me to stay the course and I'd really appreciate it if you could all give me tonnes of feedback/advice anything to encourage me to keep coming back, because I really feel that some form of accountability will be key for me! Also if by chance anyone on here is from Ballarat, message me!


Cheers, Jamie.

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