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Aww shiiiit I bet you're jealous of my amazing workout!

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Glad I got your attention... now give me feedback, advice and motivation!


Ok today I started the first day of my new lifestyle. Not only am I eating a healthy vegan diet, but from today I am also doing a calisthenics based workout regime.

I went to bed late last night and as a result I don't think I got in enough calories before my workout (woke up late, therefore had less time to workout) which resulted in me going at a lower intensity than I would have liked, however that doesn't mean it was easy! Unfortunately I didn't have access to a bar to do pull ups today, so I might do them tomorrow, but I will definitely include them in my next workout


So today I did, in order:

Diamond push ups- 2x 20

Squats (body weight, going the whole way down)- 3x 20

Push ups- 2x 20

Calf raises (didn't feel very effective)- 3x 20

Wide push ups- 2x 20

Plank- 1min, 40 secs, 30 secs.


I know it was pretty basic and easy (in theory!) but as it was the first time I have worked out in close to a year I am already sore.

I'm planning on doing a bit of skipping later.


So yeah this is the beginning, everybody has to start somewhere and I can't wait to see what improvements I've made in a month.

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I guess I may as well make this a meal log as well, get some critiques etc.

Today has been a bit of a fail so far as I woke up too late and then tried to eat too much to compensate which just made me take ages to move on to the important stuff.


So the the first thing I did when I woke up was drink 1l of water, which I heard is good to rehydrate you and might even increase your metabolism. Unfortunately I think that I had to much water this morning as my breakfast had a lot of watermelon! So I think I might try drinking 500mls and then the other 500mls after breakfast.


Breakfast: 1.7kg of watermelon and 2 large pink ladies - 750 calories (I'm out of bananas atm, this will usually be about 1000 calories)


After workout snack: 11 mandarines - 450 calories


Late afternoon snack: 720g roast sweet potato (yum!) - 650 calories


Dinner: 2 cups brown rice, salad mix, 400g sweet potato, 2 large celery sticks - 830 calories


Snack: 500g grapes - 345 calories


Total- 3025 calories.


Usually I wouldn't eat sweet potato twice and fruit after rice, but I was trying to make up the calories because I didn't start eating until like midday. I'm pretty happy that I managed to get up to 3000 calories, but after I get more bananas I will be looking at at least 3500 calories per day.

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