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Protein supplement tastes

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Hi everyone, this is a subject i'm very worried about, right now i'm in the situation where i need to find a cheaper protein (which i might have found) i can buy in bulk than sunwarrior, i have a 1kg bag ordered, which was very expensively priced, but due to my last experience with a supplement, i rash-bought the best rated, most pricey one i could find, my previous experience being, buying a ~!20 for 1kg or soy protein isolate off ebay, the most generic, no brand, and the texture and taste was almost impossible to get down, and nearly made me vomit when i took it, and because of this i'm pretty reluctant to spend $100 on a questionable quality protein that might make me barf


anyway, my hope is to start a thread about the taste & texture of different protein supplements, and share experiences, particularly for cheaper brands, and experiences with generic proteins, so people can save money by buying cheaper proteins that can be kept down, with the hope that most of the cheap proteins taste similar due to using the cheapest methods of isolating them, and can be used as a guide for other generics.


also, the reason sunwarrior is.. even more pricey is because i'm in AUS. (over $65 i think)




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I go with generic unflavoured soy, and add it to a banana smoothie, no problem. Tastes like wallpaper paste if you just try to take it with water, but add a couple of ripe bananas and it's time to have sex.


I have had vanilla vega and thought that tasted definitely acceptable

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So my sunwarrior arrived the other day and


it tastes terrible, as bad as the cheap $20 one i got off of ebay, only upside is a better texture, just tastes like uh.. stevia/artificial sweetner, hard to keep down, i've ordered some free samples from a local company so hopefully they taste better (pea/rice blend)- think i'd prefer an unflavored one to this, guhck


now i just gotta buy 50 bananas to make smoothies with to help get this sunwarrior down =\

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classic vanilla, it's edible in banana smoothie, but gag-worthy on its own in water

I liked classic vanilla and classic chocolate with just plain water.

just can`t stand the vanilla blend in water. Haven`t tasted chocolate blend yet.

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