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Kirkypoles Journal

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I had help from the gym with what to do for a workout but if anyone can suggest improvements then please do.


Shoulder press x12

Box dip x 12

Bicep Bar Curl x 12 (10kgs)

Bent over row x 12 (10kgs)

Then rowing machine for 6 minutes


I did this 4 times which was pretty much all I could manage (but on the 4th I did some sit ups instead of the rowing machine)


I'll post what I ate later.

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Nice to see you are jumping right in there and starting a training journal with us. I look forward to seeing what you are eating. I find that the most interesting from checking out journals here. Workout routines can be helpful because finding new routines keeps working out from getting stale. However I benefit and put to use finding new things/way to eat.



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Thank you.


Here is what I've eaten today.


Breakfast – Two slices of toast

Lunch – big bowl of pasta in tomatoes with chick peas

Snack – Celery and peanut butter

Dinner – 4 burritos made with soya mince, chick peas, spinach and lots of vegetables with dairy free cheese. Super hot


I think I need to snack more through out the day because my lunch is always massive and it'd probably be better to eat small portions of something. I do tend to eat a lot of carbs.

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Sorry I haven't been able to update this. Last week I fell between the platform and the train onto a train track. I've really hurt my ribs and had to go to a&e because the pain was so horrible on Thursday. I haven't been able to do any training. I'm going to ask the gym if they can put my membership on hold until I'm better. This is sooo frustrating!

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