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Bonekxita from Portugal


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Hi everyone!


My English is not great but I hope that you all understand me.


My long term goal is to lose fat and gain muscle, until now I already loosed 20 kg (about 44 lbs) so right now I’m focused in gain some muscle before entering again in a lost fat diet, just do make sure that I don’t get to flaccid, to reach this I’m trying to build a carb cycle diet (hopefull I will not only gain muscle but also lose some fat simultaneous), bit I’m vegan at only 9 months, so I’m having some difficulties on this and I would appreciate if someone may help me or give-me a example of this kind of diet. I have 158 cm high (62.2 in) and 55 kg (121 pounds).




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Hi Bonekxita, welcome to our community here. Your English is comprehensible don't worry. There are a lot of international members here that speak many different languages. My best advice would be to check out the training journal section of the forum. Lots of dedicated people are listing what they are eating and their workout routines there. Its a good place to get ideas and information.



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