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13 Year Vegan looking for intro strength building guidance.


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Hi, just thought I'd introduce myself and see if anyone on here more knowledgable than I could give me some advice.


Me: 31 going on 32 year old male, about 6' 1.5" and 192lbs. (and it's not all muscle, trust me). Sedentary job. Low activity level.


I've been vegan for over 13 years.


I used to do 100 push ups in the morning during my undergrad years, and worked out regularly with weights.

Then in my late 20's I foolishly traded 100's of push ups for 100's of beers. (Not to mention joints.)


Now I'm in bad shape and looking to get back into fighting shape for living, not just existing.


Trouble is, when I've tried to reboot my fitness in the past I think I've come at it either:


-Too much too fast (straining myself)


-Poor Nutrition Plan.

-Or all of the above.


I am wondering if anyone on here can give me some advice on how to start getting back in better shape sustainably, progressively, and most of all successfully.


Any constructive tips/advice appreciated.



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first thing i would do is clean up my diet


could you outline a typical days food for you?

other than that, just get started, do something every 2nd day or something, go to the gym for abour 40 minutes or so, figure out a routine and stick to it


what i do is


rest day







and some light cardio after workouts and on rest days


but yeah, outline a typical days diet so we can take a look

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Welcome to the group here, what's your name by the way? It actually sounds like you know a lot more about yourself and what it will take for you to get back into the shape that you'd like than you think. Just from reading your intro I would stay the first step, start working out! Ease into it but just get started and quit giving yourself excuses of why not (just guessing not pointing fingers). If you have had issues starting with too much then take it slow and build on your workouts gradually. If you feel unbalanced, you know what you tend to focus on so seek out information on the other muscle groups you seem to miss and how best to target those areas. If you struggle with nutrition, buy healthy foods and have them handy at home and at work so you have less temptation to buy and eat junk.

That and check out the journals section of this forum, some people keep very good record of what they are eating and their workout routines.





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