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Northern Virginia/ Washington DC (DMV)

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Are there any vegan athletes, vegan bodybuilders, vegan sports dietitians, vegan personal trainers & raw veganists in the Northern Virginia & Washington DC area?


I'm hailing from Northern Virginia (Fairfax County).


My History:

I've been a vegetarian for about 2yrs, a pescatarian before that, a carnivore, and omnivore before that. And tried vegan for 6 months, and raw vegan for 1 month.

But i only did it for my own health.


Now after self educating myself seriously more about veganism. I am 27yrs old now, and really trying to pursue my athletic performance to it's top game, because I'm a breakdancer. I've been entering breakdance competitions for over 15yrs now (since 1999). And I'm just really trying to get my personal training business to launch in the near future by implementing breakdance fitness as well as Vegan Sports Nutrition.

I really want to prove to people that it's possible to be in the best health and shape of your life on a vegan diet.


Will any of the experience raw foodists/vegan athletes please help me attain my goal in physical performance on a vegan diet?


Right now I'm a breakdance instructor at a local gym. And just trying to get back into shape. Studying for my ACE PT certification & BS Nutrition.

I just need some pointers on what supplements, vitamins, vegan sports nutrition, powders, and protein meal plans i need to take.

And if at all possible, any recommended opportunities on certifications for plant based dietitian programs?


In the future, possibly 5yrs from now.

I want to be a Raw Vegan Sports Dietitian, Personal Trainer, & Bboy.


contact me on my email: [email protected]

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If you don't get much response you can try using the search function in the upper right hand side of the page and type in virginia or dc. It should help you find some people on here. Then you can message directly to their threads or PM them.

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I'm a young Vegan Bodybuilder In the Northern Virginia Area, I live in fredericksburg(near richmond) Fairfax isn't that far away. I'm interested in Becoming a Personal Trainer and Vegan Nutritionist Myself. I haven't started studying for it yet due to financial problems. I've definitely got my own training, nutrition, and supplementation down pat now. So i'd be willing to help you with whatever you need.

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