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McDougall Starch based nutrition plan

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I recenty read McDougall's the Starch Solution. I have been trying it out over the last week and I am pretty happy. Although eating all of those carbs is scaring me a bit. I am finding a really great increase in energy and I am alot less irritable. I wanted to see who else has tried this approach and what the results were. Would like to hear some feedback on long term use of the program. Also, how is it for muscle building?

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i basically follow the mcdougall way of eating and have never felt better! i eat mainly rice beans breads potatos fruit and protein shakes, i think its a great way of eating and cheap too. i dont find it any harder to build muscle on this diet aslong as you get plenty of calories in.

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How's the plan going for you?


I've heard from a few people in a different forum (facebook-crossfit vegans and vegetarian) that have had awesome results with McDougall's plan. I'm working up to going that way cuz it makes a lot of sense to me. I suspect I will likely cheat here and there -moreso with baking. I've cut out most processed carbs, and have managed to make stir fry's without oil now. Just gotta cut down on the nuts.. which makes me a little bit sad.


I think although McDougall's plan uses starches as the centre of each meal, it is still important to include lots of greens and vegetables... that is where people trying the program might fail.

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