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Vegan Travels for Work

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Hello all!


I am a new "re-convert" back to vegetarianism on the fence about becoming a vegan for a couple simple reasons and I was hoping someone could give me some advice;

1) I travel pretty consistently for my job so eating vegetarian is hard enough and what I seen going vegan would be even harder. I try to stay at hotels with kitchenettes but it doesn't always work out that way. In addition sometimes it is very difficult to find a health food store in the area. How can I make the final transition to becoming vegan when it is so difficult to find true vegan food?

2) I am also trying to get into shape with body building and running but with all of the traveling I do it can be difficult to track calories, carbs, protein intake, etc. plus if my normal food is more difficult to find how can I make adjustments to keep eating healthy, not eat too much soy, lose the weight I need to lose while lifting?


Again, any advice would be greatly appreciated.




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You can do it! It does often require some prep work to figure it out, at least in the beginning, but vegan food really is all around. I'd plan on bringing any specialty foods or supplements along (particular bars, powders, supplements, etc.) and then go to supermarkets for the rest. All of them will have fruit, veg, canned beans, and most likely things like almond milk. Many of them are getting better and better at stocking specialty items. Even our local Target and Walmart grocery now sells at least a few things that were previously only available at the health food store. Some folks pack a mini blender, but I find it's easier just to replace smoothies with a Naked drink when on the go because you can find those almost anywhere.


If you can't go to a veg restaurant (I usually find those with happycow), check out http://www.veganeatingout.com to get info about what's vegan at chain restaurants. Most will have something you can piece together, or if ask you can usually special order. (Not something I like to do, but lots of people do!) Ethnic restaurants are usually a good bet if you need to make plans to eat out with colleagues and don't have a chance to look up anything about the restaurants in advance.


I use an online tool (fitday.com) to track stuff, so that's available anywhere. It can be difficult to find the time to input things though.


Hopefully some of the regular travelers will see this and have more ideas for you. Good luck making the transition!

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