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Rob's High Intensity Training Log

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Another strong solid full body MCT workout today, lasted a total of 20 minutes....


I brought along a colleague from work with me to the gym today, hes a 3x per week "for about an hour" kinda guy, id been telling him of HIT theroy and max contraction training, he was interesed...but skeptical. I had him preform a full body MCT workout of sorts (at least that was intention) which would have taken him no more than 20 minutes.


The workout was, Leverge leg press, underhand pulldown, pec deck, machine lateral raise, machine biceps and triceps, and then calf presses all performed as static holds. He made it to the 5th exercise, the machine biceps and was done! He was shaking, pale white and feeling nauseous. I give him some glucose and ammio acids and he soon came round, i asked him "how did you find this type of training?", he reply "I thought id been training hard Rob, I dont know how you train like that, I couldnt stomach that lol" (it confirmed what I thought, that HIT is not for everyone). I asked, "do you see how this way of training could/can be effective?", he replied "HELL YEAH!!!".

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Hi Kathy,


Yes, there's the max contraction training book and advanced max contraction book, you can also watch the hour long max contraction training video on youtube. Its also discussed in the body by science books. There also a brilliant interview with the creator of MCT John Little on high intensity nation.

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Change of pace today...


Underhand pulldown x 2 max static holds with 130kgs

supersetted with

Flat barbell bench press x 2 sets of 5 repswith 120kgs


Bent over two arm DB rows x 2 sets of 8 with 2x45kgs + one drop set with 2x35kgs

supersetted with

Flat v-grip DB bench press x 2 sets of 6 with 2x50kgs + one drop set with 2x40kgs


BB shrugs x 2 sets of 6 reps with 160kgs + one max static hold with 180kgs


Concept 2 rower 4 x 500 metre sprints


Decided to add a little cardio (no, you didnt misread that lol), ive been taking longer between sets lately as am trying to maximise my strength, therefore, im going to add some HIIT to the end of each training session (got the idea from watching a Svend Karlsson training video on youtube) Who knows, I may even throw in some squats and standing miliary presses next:))

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1. Leverage squat machine

160kgs x 10 reps

180kgs x 8 reps

200kgs x 6 reps

120kgs x 15 reps

2. Leg extension

stack x static hold to failure

immediately followed by

3. Hip belt static squat (a former trainer reffered to this exericse as the electric chair, as when your begin to reach failure you began to shake all over lol)

BW x static hold to failure

4. Lying leg curl

57.5 kgs x 2 sets of 21s

5. Calf presses

Stack x one set to failure

Nice change of pace, though the squat irritated my low back, back to leverage leg pressing me thinks! Heart scared a lower back flair up.

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1. Underhand pulldown

2. Dips

3. Hammer rows

4. Converging shoulder press machine

5. Leverage leg press

6. BB curl


Decided to go back to training once a week, using a high intensity circuit training routine. No rest was taking between each exercise (I trained when the gym was almost empty and I set up the machines ready to rock before hand). Each exercise was preformed with a 2-2-4 cadance, for 5-7 reps each.


I love the demand and inroad with this type of training, but I hate loading and unloading the fecken machines lol....


Workout lasted a total of 7 minutes and 22 seconds.


Mid week I will do some HIIT on the C2 rower.


Diet wise I have made another few changes, after talking with Skeering on his log, he stimulated my thinking with regards to IFing again. So from last Wednesday Ive been eating 3 meals within an 8hr feeding window (spaced 4 hours apart), first few days were tough, but it doesnt take long for the body to adapt. Since Wednesday ive experienced less bloating, so I may try upping my carbs another bit. So farso good:)

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Parallel grip chins

Weighted Dips

Bent over two arm DB row

DB push press

BB Curl

Trap Bar Deadlift


Home workout tonight, had to take a few extra days off due to moving house and my sister getting married. Did a High intensity circuit training workout, kept things KISS, performed one set to vanilla failure per, with no rest between each movement. After a minute or two's rest I banged out a few all out punching /elbow drills on the heavy bag. Been enjoying focusing less on the stimulus component lately and more of the compensation and overcompensation. Feel great and no loss of muscle or strength, quite this opposite actually.

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So today I had a wee nosy in hotel gym a few miles from my new house, well, when I got in and seen what machines they had I near shit myself lol, they had the old school pulse star machines, I joined immediately (I spite of it costing £600 per year)!

What I love about these particular machines, is that there on a belt rather than a chain or cable, with the belt there's no friction at all, there as smooth as silk.

The gym is very small and private (perfect for my high intensity circuit training) it has no free weights at all and with that, no hairless fake tanned freaks.


Couldn't resist a blast today...went with

Underhand Pull-down

Seated chest press (wide grip)

Seated chest supported row

Shoulder press (palms facing grip)

Pec deck (static hold)

Preacher curl machine

Seated chest press (close grip)

Leg extension

Seated leg curl

Horizontal squat machine


Kinda over did it, but i wanted to get a feel for each machine, they felt great, no joint or back issues and a hellva contraction on each machine. The only downside is that my training partner has more sense when it comes to money and won't join lol.


After that I went for a 2hr walk around the country lines that surround my house, lifes great:)

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Underhand pull-down

Chest press machine

Seated chest supported row

Shoulder press machine

Seated leg curl

Horizontal squat machine


Another tough high intensity circuit training workout. This time i went with Dr Dardens negative accentuated protocol. I aim for a 20 second negative, 20 second positive, then finally a 20 second negative to failure (used a gymboss to keep cadence), Used roughly 80% of my normal working weight. This method leaves no stone unturned, very very taxing.


Yesterday I went to see a geneticist that specializes in nutrition, he took several blood samples from me, the purpose is to find the foods that cause any irritation / inflammation, and what foods best suit me. He told me that those like myself with a particular type of blood type O are not best suited to a vegan diet. I plan on meeting up once a fortnight, will be interesting.

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I saw some guys in the gym doing that type of workout today. It did look tough. I think I will do some of that in my workouts after my daughters wedding. Right now is too crazy.

I have heard that about type o blood as well. I have type o blood. I don't really buy into that. I ate meat for a while and felt terrible.

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Chest / shoulders / triceps

1. Technogym Iso Incline Press

150kgs x 4 rest pause reps (10-15 seconds between reps)

120kgs x 7 reps

80kgs +resistance bands x 8 reps

2. Pec Deck

Stack + manual resistance from training partner x static hold to failure

Plus drop set with 20% less resistance to failure

3. D-B Lateral Raise

2x15kgs x 12 reps

2x15kgs x 10 reps

4. Machine Lateral Raise

75kgs x static hold to failure

Plus drop set with 60kgs to failure

5. Power pushdowns *

50kgs x 10 reps

45kgs x 10 reps

40kgs x 10 reps

6. Concept 2 rower

3 x 500metre sprints

*no rest between sets


Little more volume today, back to using a 3 way split, so training well be a little more frequent. Diet wise things couldn't be better, I've been using the high fat bulletproof diet (no meat of course) for the last week, feel great, sleeping better and have more energy (no afternoon slumps) etc. I've also been using the bulletproof products ie butter coffee, whey from grass fed cows, MCT oil. Haven't felt this good in a long time. I've also eliminated fruit from my diet, as well as the pre workout supplement I was using, ain't missing them...


Don't think ill be going back to the geneticist, he wants to put me on a portion control diet.. am dead against command and control diets....


I'm also back at the old gym, much as I love the belt machines, the weight stacks just weren't heavy enough, thankfully they give me a refund:)


Back and biceps in a couple of days...


Gonna head out tonight for my midnight stroll around the country lines since the moonlights good tonight, maybe have some Mike Oldfield jamming in my ears:)

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Iso chest press*

160kgs x 4 reps pause reps to failure (15 seconds between reps)

Iso chest supported row*

150kgs x 9 reps to failure (2/2/4 cadence) + 2 partials

Leverge leg press

420kgs x 7 reps to failure (2/4 cadence)

Incline DB curl

2x25kgs x 8 reps to failure (2/4 cadence)

Power pushdowns

55kgs x 10 reps to failure + 3 negative (2/4 cadence)


Decided not to go with the 3 way, gonna keep going with the full body workouts oncd every 4-5 days, moreover am focusing only on the movements that allow me to maximally overload the muscles. Ive taken out direct shoulder and calf work, calfs are sitting at 17 3/4"., were as my arms are sitting at 17 1/4".


What I ate today...


Bulletproof coffee (BP coffee beans, 2 tbs of BP MCT oil and unsalted butter sourced from grass fed cows)


Goats cheese

huge salad



pre workout (20g glucose, 10g BCCAs)


Post workout (same as pre)


Wild Scottish salmon

2 free range omega 3 enriched poached eggs

steamed asparagus

unsalted butter sorced from grass fed cows

2 tbs of BP MCT oil


Feeling great, lightest and leanest ive been in over a decade (232lbs @6'4 / 13.4% BF), my goal is 220lbs with slightly less BF.

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