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Vegetarian needs help in Texas? Local experts/ partners?

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I have been out of the fitness cycle for a while.


This time I need to kick start it. Do this the right way.


I'd appreciate if someone could work with me in putting together or even just sanity checking my exercise & diet plan.


Appreciate it.



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I have some staged out goals. Most important now is to find a consistent exercise and diet model that allows me to drop my Body Fat %age.


As such I look like a FIT ATHLETIC guy, but have this tyre around me thanks to my 5 years in texas that has covered my mid section in a not so nice manner. I'd like to lose that first.


I look like an athletic guy (bone structure & good muscle memory i guess).


I know we cant lose isolated fats.. but thats where most of it is. Not nice. Most people dont know it or see it.. so I get by.. but thats because I hold it back by BREATH. Bad.. but i guess ive never identifed with being a SKINNY ATHLETIC guy with a BELLY-TYRE (looks wierd).




I have in the past done the following stuff:


- Workouts /weights

- Turbo Kickboxing (24 hour fitness Group X classes)

- PiYo (Pilates Yoga) (24 hour fitness Group X classes)


There was a 3 month period that I did the TKB & PYO and it had great effect on me.


I used to enjoy running (on a nice beach).. wonder if I can get back to it in humid houston weather.


I am interested in adding SWIMMING to the mix (My dad was, is and will be a swimming fanatic..) since it is

- non impact and

- stretches you

- freshens and burns


But it also means.. Im going to show my midsection . What the hell.. thats my punishment.


I trave a lot for work which has cause my diet to go whacky and exercise to non existant. I need to fix that.


PS: I am open to suggestions here.. THis is stuff Ive done before, and maybe do in the coming days.


CURRENTLY: I am doing little to no exercise.. Pull ups and pushups inside the room.

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We have a ton of members in Texas! Off the top of my head I can think of at least 3 of you in Houston alone So you've got some people to hang out with there.


Casey and Michelle are screen names of a couple of others in Houston and I think we have more in that area too, as well as all over Texas.


I do a ton of recruiting to get more members so I can target Texas for you and find other vegans in Houston and get them to join our group!


Of course then I'll have to get more from Oregon to join to keep up with the Texas crowd!

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Rob. I'd appreciate that. If you could get me in touch with these people. At the sametime, I would like to get some help on building a PLAN.


I am going to try & get my Body Fat %, my BMI/BMR (metabolic rate), weight etc measured and put up some "NOW" body picutres.


Is there a way I can do the CALIPER readings for BF% myself? Can I seek the help of a local member from here?


I'll put forth short term & long term goals and then I'd like to get your and everyones advise and build a plan that incorporates.. EXERCISE, DIET and REST.

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The Houston Vegan Meetup (half the people are vegetarian and half vegan) meets every first Saturday at 5:30PM for dinner and recently every middle Saturday but not as many show for that. On the 1st Saturday, we meet at a vegan oriental restaurant (around Voss and Westheimer.) I go most months.


There is a sub-group that exercises together on Saturdays (I think they run at Memorial park.) I do not live close to town, so I do not participate with them.


You should go to the dinner that will be held in less than two weeks (April 1st I think - no this is not a joke.)


Here is the website for the Meet-Up group.



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